I created a Captain America-themed Algorand shield. Check it out!

2021.10.27 13:39 edu15 I created a Captain America-themed Algorand shield. Check it out!

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2021.10.27 13:39 dbuccier World 3 Intro Guide

I've been playing Idleon for about 4 weeks now and I've really been enjoying it. After about a week I found this guide (https://www.reddit.com/idleon/comments/ocalh9/guide_progressing_from_w2_to_w3/) for progressing to world 3 and I made it there after another week. There are some tips within this guide that are kind of helpful for starting in W3, but honestly I've mostly been winging it. I figured I'd take a stab at creating a guide around "How to progress through early world 3 from scratch" for all of those of us who haven't been playing long enough to have built up major supplies.

Some caveats for the guide:

  1. I'm not claiming to know everything and I absolutely know there are things missing from this guide. Completely open to feedback and would love to build this over time into a more comprehensive guide.
  2. At the time of writing this I'm only a couple of weeks into World 3, so there is a lot of context missing from this for later parts of the world. This guide is roughly intended to go from beating Efaunt to unlocking dementia and getting through most/all of the w3 mobs maps.
  3. Most of the top priorities I list are to remove time gates that would otherwise impact you significantly if you unlock it later than other steps. There's no need to do these right away, but more than likely by delaying it you will significantly impact yourself later. For example, not pushing maestro early means that your best character for rare drops isn't being as efficient as possible, therefore you take longer to get the rare drops for key items in other paths.

With those things said, let's dive in!

  1. Level up construction and expand workbench as fast as possible to focus on building/upgrading key items.
  2. Progress in hunting equipment, unlock all critters then improve/use Eagle Eye ability.
  3. Progress in Worship, unlock altars and improve/use Charge Syphon.
  4. Grind all characters to class level 65-75 on Frosty Flakes.
  5. Make Journeyman useful and get Maestro.
  6. Build skill efficiency and get platinum+ tools.
  7. Build defense and accuracy to progress in W3 mobs.
  8. Upgrade food carrying capacity and focus expanding capacities for your smithing main.
  9. Work on unlocking more parts of alchemy.

Laying the Foundation
Let's make sure we're on the same page on what point you're at when you're starting this guide. I'm assuming the following is roughly true:
If any of these things aren't true, don't worry. But you should probably focus on getting these things as soon as possible.

1 Leveling up construction and expanding workbench
Construction is extremely important (as much if not more than alchemy). The basic idea here is that you are given workbench slots to build key items you can use to give yourself bonuses and unlock features in the game. It is a requirement to improve your worship scores, provides a new feature called shrines and a bunch of general bonuses.
Make sure you unlock the extra construction slots from the task board in World 3 as soon as possible (this just requires getting to and AFK'ing for about an hour on Frosty Flakes in the 2nd map).
Here's the key: focus on leveling construction as fast as possible to get faster building rates. Do these things to make that happen:
  1. Early on, use balloons if you have them or at least make sure you're logging in regularly to get level ups that come passively. You almost double your construction output with every level up for the first few levels.
  2. Put a character to generate cogs. Each cog in your backlog makes the time to create a cog take significantly longer, so log in frequently to get them much faster. Stacking multiple characters in cog making is only worth it if you can check super frequently or if you only check in every day or so. Try to fill up all of the empty slots with cogs and anytime you make a new one, compare it to existing cogs. Prioritize EXP and build rate. Early flaggy rate is okay, but the return rates are pretty low early on. When a character hits level 15, start making gold cogs, they're much better.
  3. Assuming your squire is your mining build, max the Sharper Saws talent to get faster XP gains (make sure you save a point for Refinery Throttle if you don't have > 100 talent points for tab 3 yet).
Note: The Construction trophy and stamps are available from W3 monster drops, but with how rare the stamp is and how expensive the gold trophy is, this likely won't be a good avenue for much here.

Focus on building and upgrading things in roughly the following order:
The thought process here is that the souls and critters you get from Worship and Hunting are blockers to you in other paths (upgrading constructed things, unlocking/upgrading prayers, etc.) so you need to get the needed pieces unlocked and upgraded as soon as possible. The shrines are extremely useful, but upgrading them early isn't super important. The benefit gained from upgrading them is faster leveling up, but you can get these to level 7/8 without any significant upgrading and the couple weeks it'll take to get the things above it won't hurt you long-term.

Side note: Make sure you use the W3 task unlockable to allow for higher level library books (it's super useful!). If you have the gems, focus on unlocking the 2nd slot for the 3D printer(!!) and increasing the minimum level of library books.

The last piece of construction to talk about is the refinery. This is one of the most tedious parts of Construction early in world 3. Here's some tips for early game refinery:

2 Progressing in hunting
Hunting is a straightforward take action and wait for results skill. You drop traps of varying durations and come back after that amount of time to collect critters. These critters are used in bulk to do many common actions (upgrading buildings, smithing, etc.). Here's some tips for hunting in early world 3:
3 Progressing in Worship
Worship is basically a tower defense game that tracks your highest score on any character and provides you EXP and souls based on that. The biggest issue for it is that you're capped on how many times you can play with an energy counter that replenishes over time. Here's some tips for worship in early world 3:
4 Grind up on Frosty Flakes
Now that you've hit world 3, it's time to drown in massive amounts of class XP and unlock more talent points to use for skilling and increase your damage output. Note that you can apply this step to other monsters as well if you'd like, but the sheer number of melty cubes you need for crafting recipes early in W3 makes this the best choice in my opinion.
5 Make Journeyman useful and get Maestro
One of the most offputting concepts of entering world 3 is the sheer number of rare drops you need to get to progress in the different parts of the game. Glass shards, Woodular Circles, Golden Plops and Nuget Cakes are now needed in double digit figures for many of the items you want to craft. The beginner class line is one of the key ways to get these items because of its talent pool and high luck stat. However, leaving it at Journeyman level massively impedes your damage output and therefore your collection rate. That's why it's vital to work on getting Maestro unlocked as soon as possible.
Once your have your maestro, combine him with the luck altar and rake in massive amounts of the rare item you need most.
6 Build Skill Efficiency and get Platinum+ Tools
Mining is the biggest hurdle to upgrading tools and armor, so you'll want to focus on finding ways to increase your mining efficiency as quickly as possible. I won't go into all of the ways you can do that, there's tons of posts and videos out there that go into way more detail that I would here. My overall advice is that you focus on mining and fishing above the other stats. Catching is much more important for the midgame of World 3 but early world 3 you can get away with focusing on it a lot less. Chopping is the fastest stat for gaining resources and scales a lot easier than mining or catching does. I recommend using your chopper to help with your current priority tasks like finding rare items, completing quests, etc. whenever you don't have a pressing need for wood resources.
Here's a guide I like for mining efficiency for reference: https://www.reddit.com/idleon/comments/qe5ie9/mining_efficiency_cheat_sheet_gear_reqd_resources/
7 Build defense and accuracy
After about the middle of World 2 you likely noticed a steep incline in accuracy and defense requirements. Well, those don't ever go away. Snelbies required 600 accuracy for 100% hit chance and 245 defense for 0 damage. Bloques (only 4 mobs later!!) require 1725 accuracy for 100% hit chance and 594 defense for 0 damage. That's nearly triple the accuracy! There are also lots of guides about accuracy and defense out there.
8 Upgrade food carrying capacity and focus expanding capacities for your smithing main.
You'll start to notice the item requirements for smithing quickly become bonkers. 15k, 70k, and more counts for items to make things. You'll start missing the days of 10 and 15 standard mob drops. That said, maintaining all of the carrying capacities across multiple characters will become very intensive. So:
9 Unlock more parts of alchemy
Yes, the last key to world 3 is focusing on the most important part of world 2. Later alchemy bubbles and vials are crucial to speeding up progress in world 3.

Again, this guide is a work in progress and represents the way I like to play (semi-casual, semi-grindy). I'm happy to take feedback and incorporate updates if people find improvements to the guide. I know there is a ton of other stuff we could get into here that I just didn't prioritize.
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2021.10.27 13:39 mrksaccount Dont Breathe 2 2021 2160p UHD BluRay x265-B0MBARDiERS

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Adding as much as i can The first to add, the first to join
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2021.10.27 13:39 wawr_jake Using this post to help spread my name during the beginnings of starting a company. Insured LLC Scioto Painting and Drywall. Please pm if interest comes about! can provide references from previous work!

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2021.10.27 13:39 c_c_o_e Power cut during update

What is the best way to recover the situation when you have a power cut for example on a laptop during an update where packages are started to be installed.
I had this happen and got the error about signatures. This I determined was due to unresolved dependencies so xbps couldn't continue installing where it left off. No *sig files where then found in /etc/xbps.d/, the clock was set correctly too.
What would be the most efficient way to recover in the order you would do things?
For example - a command to show what packages were installed only for the last update so they can be removed in one go and therefore not stop future updates completing.
As it was a test machine I have since cleared the drive completely so don't ask me to go through steps to try now as I can't. Also don't ask why I have wiped the drive. I am impatient and it's for experimentation only, whilst Void is not on there I might even see if it supports Win11 then put a distro back on it. As this happens *any* time an update is interrupted even by ctrl+c, there must be a standard way you can get the package manager back in order.
What is it you do so I can try and implement this for next time.
I used to use snapshots on the filesystem, and should really do that but I am used to for example on Gentoo re-running the command where it left off, but if I can get away with a couple of simple steps then I don't mind.
Will they implement this into xbps in the future where an interrupted xbps-install command would carry on where it left off do you think?
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2021.10.27 13:39 JasonlsBored As a highschool senior, how do other older teens feel about graduating soon?

I feel like I wish I could've done more with my highschool life, I spent a lot of it being socially anxious and not talking to anyone but close friends. I'm just now learning to be more open with others but I'm already on my way out of highschool life soon, and I'll have to deal with becoming an adult and figuring all of that out. I had friends who graduated that I never get to see anymore, and I feel like this is the only time left that I always get to interact with other people my age. Part of me feels happy to be done with it, but part of me feels like I'm not happy with how I spent it.
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2021.10.27 13:39 Thelemon1999 #OOTD- Wednesday Align T-shirt (4) Pink Lychee Align Legging (4) Pink Lychee

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2021.10.27 13:39 Solstex Tarkov'd in Tarkovs way

Hop into reserve with just a m700 beat harder than me as a stepchild, 45 durability and 4 fmj mags to make my riches. Spawn in the bunker south west of black pawn and lurk around the hills with my tac40 Burris clicking like a broken microwave. I see a hint of some raiders around the helicopter and decide to make my move. Eventually make my way up on top of black pawn and start taking potshots and the sweet loot pinatas lazing around. One, two, three four down with some good looking RPD's and m4's. Crouching on the roof I make sure to move positions each time to not get lasered and finally think its safe to head down and collect my fortune. One more peek to make sure the ground is safe, one more peek as the safe move. Instant headshot by scav Chris Kyle in his bush. After death screen shows I killed gluhar and his entire squad without me knowing it. Cry myself to sleep.
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2021.10.27 13:39 6his joshua cavallo coming out, need explanations

Hey everyone, what i’m about to ask has 0 anger 0 hate and no intention to harm anybody, i’m just trying to understand the situation as i don’t really get it.
So i woke up seeing Joshua Cavallo coming out making a video and some posts about it, but what really made me though about it is all the media and acceptation part from big clubs, tv’s, socials etc, does the medias and companies bring too much attention on something that should be normal ? I’ll definitely agree that there’s not many people that are gay within the football community (or at least not many footballers that say it publicly) but every time someone is doing his coming out on the internet i always see brands making a tweet, post, story showing his support, but i see it more as “Hey look we accept gays within our brand look how cool we are” and incase a brand forgets to do the same tweet as the others he may get cancelled or people might starting talking about this brand that didn’t show support. Wouldn’t it be better if someone gay “acts” pubicly as a gay person instead of saying he is and if anybody asks him he says in a normal he’s gay? Maybe it’s an utopic vision as i’m hetero and never been in this position.
Maybe my pov is wrong, maybe the media are wrong, maybe the clubs and companies are doing it wrong, maybe the “coming out” action is wrong/too rough or maybe all of this is wrong, but either way i’m not trying to blame Joshua Caballo for doing whatever he wants to do so if someone can bring some explanations to my thoughts i’ll appreciate it :).
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2021.10.27 13:39 SunshineCouple720 How I spent last night

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2021.10.27 13:39 ScaryScotsman Painted my very first miniature, pretty pleased and surprised how it turned out.

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2021.10.27 13:39 LBJ-236 What are the worst popular opinions on r/golf?

What are the worst popular opinions on golf?
This thread is about to get spicy
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