[PI] "Hey hey hey, listen, this time it's a FLAWLESS plan, just hear me out...!" (Image Prompt)

2021.10.27 14:37 Heronix1 [PI] "Hey hey hey, listen, this time it's a FLAWLESS plan, just hear me out...!" (Image Prompt)

This was an image prompt, using this picture.
In the small town of Alben, nestled away from the everyday chatter, between two everyday buildings, were two rather peculiar beings.
"Hey hey hey, listen, this time it's a flawless plan, just hear me out...!"
A black figure landed on a battered crate. A couple feathers floated down behind him, and his crooked beak pointed just adjacent to his colleague.
A sigh, before a tired response: "Don't you remember what happened in Lutsen?" She started licking her brown and white fur.
"Well, I flew in, I got the jewel, and then—"
"And then you dropped the damn thing and I had to save your ass!" she hissed. The crow stepped back, nearly falling off the crate he stood upon.
"Well, I wouldn't put it like that..."
"You damn near got swatted out the air like a fly!"
A pair of vibrant yellow eyes pierced through what remained of the crow's defenses. He oftentimes forgot that behind that well-groomed appearance was a vicious fiend.
“Now, if you’re done blathering, let’s come up with a plan that won’t get us killed,” she sprung up onto the crate in one graceful movement, and peered into a broken window.
Inside was a modest shop. One man sat behind one display case, nodding off. Otherwise, it was empty; nothing more than the bare minimum a store could contain. Yet, what took the feline’s attention was a bright red jewel held in a small golden band. It glowed with what could only be described as magic.
“That’s what we’re after,” noted the cat, “The Ring of True Desire.”
“Okay high-and-mighty Kitty, how should we get it then?” The crow hopped towards the window, trying to peek inside. “We could pull the ol’ Razzle Dazzle, or the Great Slip Trick, or—”
“Stop with the silly names won’t you? And don’t call me Kitty either,” she grumbled, before cocking her head towards her colleague. “I’d ditch you right now if you weren’t such a great distraction.”
“So we’re doing the ol’ Razzle Dazzle! Great! But, we can’t get through that case... can we?”
“No, but he can,” she explained, staring at the man behind the counter.
As if on cue, another person entered the shop. A bell above the door sounded, sending the merchant scrambling out of his chair. Greetings were exchanged, and then negotiations.
“When the shopkeeper opens the display case, you fly in there and harass him a bit,” she paused, making sure her accomplice was listening. “I’ll take care of the ring.”
“But I can get the ring ya know, save ya the trouble...”
I’ll take care of the ring,” the cat reiterated, staring daggers at her partner.
Not long after, there was a creaking noise, followed by the shopkeeper reaching into the case.
“Now! Go! Go you damned thing!” the cat yelled, pushing her colleague through the window.
A black mass fluttered through the air, sending the humans into shambles. Obscenities were shouted. Feathers flew. The pesky bird just wouldn’t stop! And in the chaos, a white and brown blur slinked to and from the counter. Then, the ring was gone. Not a single soul noticed.
As quickly as the onslaught started, it finished. Two humans were left bewildered and out of breath. A cat was running down an alleyway, a ring held carefully in her mouth. And a crow was flying above, a bit wobbly, but otherwise fine.
Not bad for a day’s work.
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Hi guys so I have just purchased the hornet and saw on a video someone moved the curser on the sa page like the tdc on the radar. How do you do that???
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2021.10.27 14:37 Sarvaz15 Best Knowledge Source for Intermediate SEO?

I have spent almost a year in SEO so I think that I have grasped a good basic knowledge. It is time for me to move to the next level.
I was wondering if there are any good resources that systematically teach Intermediate/advanced SEO. (course or something like that)
I know that by following good blogs and communities, you can increase your knowledge base with time but I am looking for resources that are pre-made for people like me. Any such mentions are appreciated.
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2021.10.27 14:37 ArdentC Anyone else have issues with tense abdominal muscles?

I'm 28 now and was diagnosed when I was about 10. I've been through a lot of pain and flares as you would expect along with several surgeries. I've noticed more recently that muscles in my lower abdomen and I would guess near sphincter tend to be in a near constant state of tension. I assume this is a result of years of pain and stress there and being really like up tight and worried about possible accidents. Anyone else experience this as well and have any possible advice on relaxing these muscles? I try to relax it when I notice but some are hard to get to relax.
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2021.10.27 14:37 guacamoleburger [WTS] Ranier Arms Upper, BA Hanson 14.5”, BA SPR SS 16”, Geissele Mk 8, etc. (NE)

Ranier Arms Forged Upper

Ballistic Advantage Hanson 14.5”
Geissele Mk8
16” Ballistic Advantage SPR Stainless Steel
Muzzle Device
Aero Gas Block and Tube
MK Machining Throw Lever
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I'm seriously thinking of just taking the risk and listen to music on shift. Time goes by painfully slow without it, so I'm just planning on doing it. But what are the consequences if I get caught?
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2021.10.27 14:37 WpgMBNews Should a new grad avoid a company that uses PowerBuilder if they want transferable work experience?

I've put out 50 applications since getting my degree 12 days ago and I've heard back on just one with a skill assessment but their stack just mentions PowerBuilder, VB.NET, SQL server, XML/XSL.
It's a 23 month term position and I would like to move to Vancouver afterwards so would I have a hard time transferring to a newer tech stack? I'm more interested in breaking into embedded development or networks rather than being stuck making PowerBuilder programs forever.
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Who do I play?
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