Brussels - Copenhagen

2021.10.27 12:46 The_Unholy_Charter Brussels - Copenhagen

I am planning to go from Brussels to Copenhagen hitchhiking next week. As I have never done anything like it on such a long trip, would you have any tips for me? For instance, if you know any youth hostel on the road. Any anarchist/autonomous/alternative places I could go by.
And if you could estimate it, how much time do you think it would take me? 2/3 days, 1 week,...?
If you have anything else to advice, like what to bring or anything, go ahead.

Thank you and have a long and happy nomadic life!
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2021.10.27 12:46 Surfnscate Any good recipes for a bread making newbie?

Last year I tried making yeast molasses rolls. Never got them fluffy, but tasted delicious. Looking for an easier recipw for some bread for a company party this Friday.
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2021.10.27 12:46 Dependent_Method_446 Freeform Halloween 2021 Dc Comics Mixtape: RaveDJ [ravedj]

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2021.10.27 12:46 gonnacryandshit Idk what's going on in my goofy ass head.

Idk. It feels heavy these days. I feel a discomfort in my head. I've always think negatively too. I did try meditation and everything to calm my head. At first it did work. but then, after 30 minutes later, it's happening again. Sometimes the left side of my head is hurting. I think it was migraine. I already drink a medicine for my migraine. The pain goes away, but not the discomfort feeling.
Not only that, my emotions is unstable too. It's weird. And I also began to overthink about everything. It sucks. I cannot focus in class, I cannot laugh at joke without feeling worried . My grades are down. This head filled with useless thoughts that somehow effected my emotions. I tried to think about anything else. Or plan anything else, like planing to up my grades. But everytime I tried, my mind started to reject it quickly and talk negatively about myself. Saying that I will not make it, I'm useless and I am a disappointment. I feels shit whenever I get a bad scores or simply cannot answering my teachers questions in class.
I did tried to talk to people around me. But I'm scared, "did i just trauma dumping?" My thought whenever people ask me what happened or how's my day. So I started to stop talking to people around. Then I tried to talk to my close friend. And they ended up saying "are you a joker?" "Same, lmfao" like I was joking about it. So I stay silent. Nothing help. I just want the discomfort feeling in my head to be gone. I hate it. Let me live a normal life. This is so unfair.
Every night, I can feel the void in my room and started crying for no reason. My mind keep replying all of the bad memories I had and all embarrassing thing I did . While I'm here keep denying my feelings, telling myself that I was just a pathetic loser. Maybe my old friend is right. I was just a pathetic loser who will rot in a disappointment.
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2021.10.27 12:46 omegaman101 The Professionalism between Maestro Hulk and Dr Doom is uncanny

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2021.10.27 12:46 e_digby Darkrai raid 1800 7068 9237

1800 7068 9237
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2021.10.27 12:46 supercoiledoptimism Overgrown Post Apocalyptic City

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2021.10.27 12:46 superduperfilm Swear You'll Remember [Zenit 12XP, Helios 44M, Shanghai GP3]

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2021.10.27 12:46 h1tseven BabyEmperorFloki $BEF | 6% Low Tax Gem | Old School Reflections Token | KYC Pinksale Presale 30 Oct 6 PM UTC | Sweepwidget competition LIVE

Baby Emperor Floki 👑 will grow up to be the most wealthiest and prominent doge in history. Bringing back the low tax reflection tokenomics! Join us on our journey. We are going to mars & beyond 🚀
KYC Pinksale Whitelist Presale: 30 october 6:00 PM UTC Launch: 31 october 6:00 PM UTC
They are giving away 100 Whitelist spots for their presale to winners of the Whitelist competition! The Whitelist competition ends on 10/30/21 at 4 PM UTC.
Presale Soft Cap: 50 BNB Presale Hard Cap: 100 BNB
Minimum contribution: 0.1 BNB Maximum contrbution: 1 BNB
The presale hardcap is low which means there might actually be enough buy pressure to keep the project going for a while which is a good thing.
📢VC and AMA before presale 🚀Exceptional Marketing 🔥Anti-Bot Mechanism 🔒100% Safu Project
Apart from having a cool name and some good marketing plans, the tokenomics of the token are just very simple.
Buy and sell Tax: - 2% reflections - 2% marketing - 2% liquidity Slippage 6-8% for buy and sell
Marketing The team behind the project may have a small private sale to collect initial investments. This means that the project will have more than enough marketing funds before it launches! The devs have been in the bsc space for some time and know alot of influencers. They are working to get many influencers and collaborations on board.
Some of the marketing that will be available: - Daily cms and subreddit posts (some trending) - Pinned promotions and whitelist giveaways on well known call channels - Onboarding influencers - Collaborations with other tokens - Sweepwidget live right now - Shilling contests - Twitter tweets from influencers (cryptogems555, Crypto Messiah and more) - Promoted spots on coinvote sites like coinsniper
They are just starting to grow their community. You should check it out:
🔗Telegram Main:
🔗Telegram Announcements:
🌐Website: under construction
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2021.10.27 12:46 AlexM180 Cheap version of Adrian Lewis gen 3?

Hi all
Does anyone know of any cheaper versions of target Adrian Lewis gen 3??
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2021.10.27 12:46 izzyraq darkrai raid 058725623910

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2021.10.27 12:46 largolloyd Darkrai 0772 1453 1930

First 10
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2021.10.27 12:46 SnowballSlick Party Prep

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2021.10.27 12:46 anthonychapman123 Voucher Code Binance Free

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2021.10.27 12:46 swingerlover The Tree Of Life #qabalah #kabbalah #hermeticqabalah

The Tree Of Life #qabalah #kabbalah #hermeticqabalah In the time when magic had a bad reputation, Israel Regardie viewed it as a definite scientific system and a profoundly spiritual form of life. In his early twenties (24), he took the responsibility of ensuring that it available to an extensive audience of enthusiastic spiritual seekers. He wanted to elaborate on the basic principles universal to all superstition, notwithstanding of any spiritual course or a particular custom.
The outcome was what presents a huge amount of different material in the notably unified whole- the tree of life. Since its first publication, the book has maintained a high rate of demand owing to its accomplished blend of classical wisdom and contemporary magical background.
The great work has been diligently edited by veterans of the famous Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn– who strived individually with him. The matter has been defined with commentary, annotations, and informative notes. A brand-new introduction, bibliography, glossary, index, and a treasure of fashionable illustrations exist.

Not much is widely known about the symbology ascribed to the Tree of Life during the Assyrian civilization, just that it was hugely important. In most of the famous art, the king or other entities were depicted as caring for the tree with special attention, and it had an important spiritual significance. Most experts theorize that it was a symbol of creation.
Not much is widely known about the symbology ascribed to the Tree of Life during the Assyrian civilization, just that it was hugely important. In most of the famous art, the king or other entities were depicted as caring for the tree with special attention, and it had an important spiritual significance. Most experts theorize that it was a symbol of creation.
“The Tree of life remains a work that would be hard to celebrate too profoundly; there is no doubt that it is going to be one of the masterpieces of occultism.”
Israel Regardie’s career was so successful and famous that he later became recognized as the man who eliminated the extreme secrecy that surrounded modern occultism and rendered the magical works of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn available to all spiritual enthusiasts. Before his death, Israel Regardie was regarded by many people as one of the chief caretakers of the Golden Dawn culture, a drift of magic and spiritual system that drew many notable occultists of late 19th and early 20th centuries, comprising of Samuel L. MacGregor Mathers, Dr. William W. Westcott, Arthur Edward Waite, Aleister Crowley, and William Butler Yeats.
The tree of life is acknowledged by many people as one of the very detailed releases on magic ever documented. More so, it remains an excellent foundation to the subject. Although Crowley had earlier attempted to compose magical writings that were considered readable and easily understandable, he never managed to achieve what was achieved by The Tree of life. On the other way, Regardie’s text is usually termed as necessary for learning the more complex writings of Crowley.
According to Francis King and Isabel Sutherland in The Rebirth of Magic:
As per Isabel Sutherland and Francis King, Crowley wrote with exceptional precision and coherence on yoga yet is completely magical works are considerably difficult to a reader who is not furnished with full concept of Mather’s Qabalistic practice, the customs of the popular Golden Dawn as well as the experiences of Crowley’s personal life.
“The learner got it where the master had lost. Regardie, in 1932, wrote two books, A Garden of Pomegranates and The Tree of life. Many people regarded them as minor occult classics. “We are happy to present this recently annotated and adorned version of Regardie’s excellent text, The Tree of life. For the reader’s benefit, we have added chapter titles. Again, the entire endnotes are ours. Although the past releases of The Tree of life had a bit of illustration, some additions have been supplemented to this latest version. Further, we have added a bibliography, a detailed glossary as well as an index.
With The Tree of life, the reader will find a far-reaching examination of the customs of the Western mystic cultures in addition to a bird’s eye glimpse into the philosophy behind those works. In the introduction to his second release, Regardie put down that: “This book has unique significance for me that neither of my other writing ever had.” Going as per this evaluation we wholeheartedly agree, for The Tree of Life has exceptional significance for us too. In particular, out of his all books, The Tree of life appears to denote that bizarre quality of writing that we have never failed to be recognized. Among the pillars of this work is his passion to involve the reader with motivation, his appreciation of divine invocations and mystical poetry, and his insight of the pleasure in the spiritual search for connection with the divine and at the top of all, the selfless desire to bestow what he has learned with others. To be precise, The Tree of life is a precious resource that will make whoever reads it more affluent spiritually.
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2021.10.27 12:46 AnnaGorlos Alternative treatment It has no side effects as opposed to using painkillers and other medications to treat chronic pain. It’s great for treating acute and chronic physical pain, arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis, sciatica, migraine, sports injuries, and muscle, joint and back pains.

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2021.10.27 12:46 kenflowerbrock Referral Code Binance Us

You can use Referral Code Binance Us, save 20% on trading fees with this link or code: 77181558
How to register Binance? To make an account with Binance, you should simply get enrolled on the Binance site. On the enrollment page you will be elevated to enter a substantial email address and pick a secret phrase for yourself. When you consent to the Terms and Conditions, you will be approached to check your account by means of email. The email shipped off your given account will contain a connection where you can check your Binance account. When you click on the connection, your Binance account has been made and you are prepared to start exchanging. Yet, before you do, we suggest getting your account through two-factor confirmation. Since exchanging cryptographic money is an expensive and dangerous cycle, it is fundamental for guard your account from any programmers on the web. Binance permits you to set up 2FA and interface your account to your versatile number. This implies that before you can sign in to your Binance account from another gadget, you will be approached to confirm your personality through the telephone number gave.
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2021.10.27 12:46 mediumslushy Is App down?

I just tried to take some gains on Shib, and I got an email confirming the sell order but nothing is updating on the app. It's been about 15 minutes.
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2021.10.27 12:46 oolongmusk Windows Hello glitch after Windows 11 update (Zephyrus G15)

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2021.10.27 12:46 cleanwhitejelly He’s reeling folks

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2021.10.27 12:46 HarryRichard2069 Sophie

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2021.10.27 12:46 you_my_light morning stretches

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2021.10.27 12:46 ToxicToastee Kid became a dispatcher when giving Palumbo directions…

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2021.10.27 12:46 Unusual_Air_929 Sobriety at 18

My drinking habits are really bad and have been since I started drinking at 16. I’m super into clubbing, going to bars/pubs, and just the party scene in general. I drink till I’m drunk. I hate it, but this is where my friends are, this is my only way to meet people right now. I’ve gotten into really dangerous situations as a result of my drinking - getting mugged/fights/taking unspecified drugs from strangers/unsafe hookups w strangers/sexual assault/etc - and every part of me wants to stop but there’s this little part saying: “Let’s see if we can really hit rock bottom. Let’s see how far we can really take this.” I know this isn’t what I enjoy, and this isn’t the life I want to live but how do I stop? Just starting uni and drinking is big, and I just don’t know how to stop. Advice?
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2021.10.27 12:46 jcoopi IM SO PROUD OF YOU DOGS, LETS GO 💪🏼🚀

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