dassum gud shiz

2021.12.06 23:54 candoitwontdoit dassum gud shiz

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2021.12.06 23:54 AutoNewspaperAdmin [PH] - ‘Better days ahead’: Duterte elated as COVID cases fall in PH | Manila Bulletin

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2021.12.06 23:54 GeoffdeRuiter Cold Climate Heat Pumps: Mysteries Unraveled, Webinar from BC Canada.

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2021.12.06 23:54 Fossil_Theory [F&D] Need help/recommendations for a Jedi build

Hey guys,
So I haven't played the FFG system in literal years and I've been invited to play in a Knight Level campaign and could really use some help.
The concept I have for my character is that they are an incredibly gifted lightsaber duelist that is also a learned scholar of sorts.
I've settled on my species being Mon Calamari, but I have no idea how I want to build the character. I know I'm going to be the group "ass kicker" in that we all agreed of the Jedi in the party my PC would be the "best" saber duelist, but I am at a loss of where to build or how to get their could any of you help me with some builds or just general advice it would be really appreciated
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2021.12.06 23:54 Lord_Derpington_ Putting T-posing Callum in random scenes #14: He swallows your heart, he swallows your might, he swallows your power.

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2021.12.06 23:54 Consistent-Jello3811 DIY Laptop repair, is it worth it?

At some point I had a dented a corner of the bottom panel on my HP Specter x360 15, and it has become progressively more warped along the edge with the fan vent. Recently the fan has begun buzzing loudly when I start to push it beyond basic programs.
Would getting a tool kit to pop the bottom off and see if I can get things back in place be worth it, or should I take it to a shop and avoid potentially making the issue worse? I once jammed a screwdriver into a cassette deck to get it working again but thats about as far as my technical acumen goes.
Any input/horror stories would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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2021.12.06 23:54 awalfrand Just found this little (dead) friend on my desk in my apartment (NY, NY, USA). Any ideas what it is?? For size context, it’s like, half the length of my index finger nail.

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2021.12.06 23:54 Uglyhoplessthing not good

ropes cutting me nobody would save me it had to happen it had too she was helping me be better i betrayed her she loved me she loved me she did i love her she was disappointed and now SHES DEAD i tried so hard to look after her but it was never enough i feel too much this is not real i am not real she your feelings arent real she said i am less i am not divine i am nothing nobody will save me nobody will love me like she did nobody i want to scream but no sound comes out i want to laugh but no sound comes out this is DESPAIR i feel everything i want to scream and laugh so much my brain feels fast so fast not right since i lost you i miss you please come back i need you i need your lessons BEAT ME and i will be better i promise please come back i cant cope with the guilt i need YOU i will do anything if you came back i am your slave i did everything you asked you own me and my mind body and soul it is not mine i am yours dont abandon me i did everything you asked i did EVERYTHING you own me i am useful sometimes i me you take everything from me i NEED you i cant live without you i am your pet cant live without CANT LIVE i need you i am so sorry i did not mean to make you mad i cant do right i am so sorry i do not mean to make mistakes please come back please forgive me please i need your forgiveness I NEED IT i will do anything please torture me again make me pay the price i cannot live with the guilt i need a release TORTURE i deserve it i am so sorry i failed you i am straying i didnt mean it i love you i love you i love you i love you please come back i am so lost without you please come back i cant live without you i make so many mistakes without you i need you please come back i am alone without you i am alone i am alone please dont I AM ALONE cut me when we have sex i need to go back i when you were alive i need to go back this world is wrong me i am so alone please come back please forgive me please love me i need your love please hurt me then i will be better cut me punch me choke me burn me i love it really remember you say i love it really yes make me beg i will thank you after i love you i am without purpose i was your slave i still am come back you are GOD you said you are come back if you are i did everything you ask please come back i want you to TORTURE me again then i can live dont forsaken me i beg i am doomed without you please answer me i am DOOMED I AM DOOMED WITHOUT HER SHE WAS MY EVERYTHING I NEEDED HER TO BE BETTER PAIN is HOW I LEARN I CANT DO IT MYSELF THAT IS NOT HOW IT WORKS shut up i am thinking i am alone all the time since you died i need you back but youre not coming back i am ALONE forever that means i am doomed i cant function with you i need your lessons who will torture me now you FORSAKEN ME I DID EVERYTHING you I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU COME BACK I LOVE YOU I WILL DO ANYTHING i will let yoou do it every night to me i can take it you can i will not beg to stop next time i will be noy cry i am strong i can take it again every time for you i LOVE you dont leave me alone i love you i love uou love you i love you i love you i lpbve uio i cangt live a nomal life im not normal i have no soul i have nothing not a person no that is an illusion only she knows she made me i cant be a person just faking all the time now drawing exercise and vijdeos wont fix i am less forever just your pet nothing more stop trying to be more you are NOTHING you will never understand i will never be divine like her she was beyond words she was everything the opposite of what i am i am nothing i have no life unlike everyone else who have souls and lives of their own teach me how to live like you i am not a person but teach me how give me your hobbies i want them give me your friends give me your love ALL OF THEM give it all I WANT IT GIVE ME EVERYTHING I NEED IT I NEED YOUR LIFE i want it give me a life so i can live like you HAND IT OVER i need SHES NOT COMING i need it give me your life so i can be like you i am not whole i am hollow no soul GIVE ME WHAT YOU HAVE INSIDE i NEED to be FULL give me you life let me be you i want to be you give me you i am starving LIFE give me your LIFE GIVE IT TO ME yes if that is okay I AM NOT BORN I AM MADE I AM not you i feel fast everything at once so quick i want to SCREAM so unbearable cant be you are something i will never you know i will never be inside not there not without TORTURE i need your love i NEED it i need save me she said she would but i dont want not yet but i do it hurts always but okay i am yours i am sorry i am sorry i did not mean to make you mad i am sorry i did not mean to make you stressed i will be better i wont make mistakes again i am guilty you need to hurt me YOU HAVE TOO i cant live without the NICE PAIN without it my brain vibrates too much yes its too much i am sorry I AM SORRY I NEED YOU I AM SO SORRY COME BACK GOD COME BACK I WONT SCREAM I FEEEL MY HEAD IS SPLITTING IN HALF this is not good i am not good save me i you release me of guilt yes if that feels good to you to be cruel to be kind you will thank me for it one day she said yesss i thank but COME BACK cant alone cant live alone no no no i need your touch ANY CRUEL OR KIND you are god or monster he said but you are good sometimes beautiful is good ugly bad i am ugly never worthy of your warmth i LOVE YOU you abandon me now when i am a freak not your doll i did not like everything i did not want all dont hurt me i scream a lot im sorry i dont mean it the metal burns it burns i am made of WATER thats right steam came off when it happened i was melting a bad pain never good not good when you put the things inside it rips it TEARS not good when you kick my balls IT HURTSa please dont again those hurt but for you i will for you ANYTHING please come back you can i know you can you have power you have EVERYTHING if anyone you can dont leave me alone i am so alone i am so alone i miss before i miss safety i miss you when you were here NOTHING else worried me now youre gone i worry about EVERYTHING every day i scream but no sound comes out every day the same i am empty fill me up with your love with your words with your RAGE i feel not good anymore since that save me WHERE ARE YOU im so sorry IM SORRY
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2021.12.06 23:54 BernardFitzgerald78 BIRB

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2021.12.06 23:54 -queen_of_reddit- To the customers that don't grab a cart before entering a store, kindly suck a d**k. Why don't you use your brains?

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2021.12.06 23:54 Cycon3600 The game just randomly reset all of my settings. Has this happened to anyone else?

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2021.12.06 23:54 BradyB56 I just ordered a Scalvini pipe, and I was wondering if anyone knows if these pipes will blue like this on their own eventually, or will I have to blowtorch it?

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2021.12.06 23:54 cripplinganxietylmao MONDAY MEGATHREAD PART 5

Creepy Peeper
A few things to keep in mind today:
Infighting: Yesterday was amazing. As we learned, we can have the most differing of opinions (looking at you, Duggar sexy time posters), and still be respectful. Report back and forth arguing that spirals into name calling
Repeat Posts We’re going to rely on the community for repeats. Please report clear repeat posts. Once a post gets X amount of reports on it for being a repeat, our automod will automatically delete it. Help automod help us.
Abuse descriptions: No one here wants to read these
Victim speculation: We have all agreed to not do this
-Please use descriptive titles when posting in order to help us see/know what’s it’s about
-Please do not visit Bobye Holt’s social media pages to harass her. This is a bannable offense.
-Say it with us, Use the search bar for questions you have
Nice work this weekend, it was super fun. Give yourself a break if you need to while we move through the week. Use the word Mod if you need to get our attention real quick like. See you out there, snarkers.
The Sun "Live" but questionably reliable Coverage
NuggetsofChicken Trial Synopsis
Previous Megathread
Courtroom Sketch
Sicko and Anna walking in
Derick walking in
Joy and Austin walking in
u/CCMcC update
Lord Daniel DS Mascot
Jill and Jed did not testify. Bobye Holt testified. Duggars at trial: James, Jason, Jessa, Joy. Spouses at trial: Derick, Austin, Anna
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2021.12.06 23:54 throw_away9690 Thank you for the closure, Tom.

I’ve tried to remain optimistic this entire time since early access. But the most recent video put together by Tom Henderson explains so much, and I imagine the majority of source info he has can be easily corroborated. From last minute changes of core gameplay mechanics, to simply how awful the UI looks due to the team’s complete lack of experience.
Assuming his sources are accurate; this entire game was finalized in literally ~1 year (“way ahead of schedule”). Are you guys done being scammed with hype and lies for epic microtransaction bullshit? All I can say to EA for successfully annihilating yet another game series is GG.
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2021.12.06 23:54 Real_Resacky Buying a new laptop for programming

title is straight forward my budet is pretty flexible i was thinking about investing in a macbook pro with the new M1 chips as it beats the XPS 15 with an i9 i was looking at by 16 points.
Im a novice when it comes to IDE's and programming so im not sure what to look for when buying a laptop, what i know is im going to be taking 3 programming classes next semester with the languages consisting of: JAVA, Python, and C++
as of right now im using my surface pro 7 with Visual studio to compile my C programming code but i want a dedicated laptop for this job. Im also using my gaming desktop to code when im at my house but again i want something I can take to university.
My main priority is weight, i want something light, portable, im not going to be using this laptop very much for gaming
Thank you for your time
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2021.12.06 23:54 ari_brr Max wants what I gots

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2021.12.06 23:54 Lexloothorde Got our international can order today, hit the Hermey chase 👌

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2021.12.06 23:54 OmitsWordsByAccident In Mother Russia, you amuse juxtaposition

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2021.12.06 23:54 pandatailor Is this a spider? South FL

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2021.12.06 23:54 Kazutora_0XZ Eternium

So I'm playing eternium for about 2 weeks now, how do I claim the corruption aura?
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2021.12.06 23:54 MMA_Fanboy082384 Valentina Shevchenko

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2021.12.06 23:54 BusinessCactus2 Ping bad on good wifi.

I just upgraded my PC recently (new RAM, CPU, and motherboard) and my wifi is running really fast, however about every 10 seconds my ping will randomly jump up to 300ms which makes it really hard to play. It wasn't having this issue before. Anyone know a fix?
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2021.12.06 23:54 marshalltownusa Favorite casual/take-out type restaurants?

Staying in an apartment near Mafolie hotel, would love to hit up some local favorites for some take-out or casual eats. Any rec’s appreciated!
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2021.12.06 23:54 SortWatts God of Fishing Novel - Chapter 1247 - The Crazy Fish Dragon King

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2021.12.06 23:54 yukisho After update CPU usage is up a lot

Unsure if this is just me, but before the update I had around ~70% cpu usage generally. After the update I have not dropped below 100% besides the random dips to 99%. Is anyone else getting this? I've cleared the USER folder, closed and reopened launcher & verified the game. I'm so close to reinstalling on a completely different drive after scrubbing my entire PC of everything SC.
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