2021.12.07 00:55 Acceptable_Brain_457 Liability?

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2021.12.07 00:55 antalmo12 “Atlantic Crossing 1913” me, Brush pen,2021

“Atlantic Crossing 1913” me, Brush pen,2021 submitted by antalmo12 to Art [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 00:55 goodolegage Well, here we go

I'm not really a day trader, but honestly doge looks like it's at the bottom, and I feel the same for the entire asset class.
I'mma throw a hundred bucks on 10x leverage and see if maybe I can't get lucky 🤔
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2021.12.07 00:55 Wershingtern Suggestions while troubleshooting l3+ that I just got

Just received an L3+ from, it’s my 2nd miner but first I’m hooking up. Fans are going full force, it boots on, I’m logged in, got it connected to NiceHash & they recognize it to the pool, but it is not hashing. I’ve been looking up posts and YouTube videos for the last hour, did a full reset off the pin nail button and unplugged each of the exposed cables, 2 ends don’t make the click but I believe they’re on there good. Anyone else have any issues similar? Just hoping I ain’t gotta mail it back to china. Cheers
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2021.12.07 00:55 exoticbrewer6 A reformed Amazoner created a free app that allows 2,500 small businesses to get their products onto major shopping websites without paying exorbitant fees.“Tech should make it easy to invest in great products 5 miles down the road, not settle for pieces of crap that are 5,000 miles away.”

A reformed Amazoner created a free app that allows 2,500 small businesses to get their products onto major shopping websites without paying exorbitant fees.“Tech should make it easy to invest in great products 5 miles down the road, not settle for pieces of crap that are 5,000 miles away.” submitted by exoticbrewer6 to Futurology [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 00:55 Ghostboy2006484 H: Asylum Worker Hat Red, Asylum Hat Yellow, Asylum Hat Blue, Asylum Worker Uniform Blue, Wedding Ring W: Junkies offers

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2021.12.07 00:55 Dragon_breathafk is it just me

But using discipline with repeaters on a controller is useless.
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2021.12.07 00:55 RoperAthy I can't for the life of me find this book I read

So I can't remember the name of it or the author but I remember a bit of the plot. It was about this lady who's was a part of this special unit of the police that worked with vampires as partners. She had really bad experiences where her entire crew before was slaughtered but she doesn't remember it until a witch shows her. I know that's vague but I really need help finding this book!
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2021.12.07 00:55 THE-FIRST-FORGOTTEN Pedal bite from riding with bad shoes and them not gripping the pedals.

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2021.12.07 00:55 rightleft-whack Social Media forces you to give fucks about things you couldn't care less about

After exactly 2 months of deleting twitter (my only social media. I don't really check reddit often), I now realize why I felt like shit whenever I'd scroll on there and see random fires everywhere. Social media forces me to get offended at everything. It forces me to give a fuck when I've gone my entire life not caring about whatever fights are going on online.
I'm not even from America, and yet because of the noisy twitter slacktivists who scream oppression and twist things you've said in good faith to mean something totally different--I think I now know more about the issues happening in the US than I do my own country (the Philippines). Issues that don't really affect me in any way whatsoever.
On twitter, everyone assumes you know race theory and gender theory or whatever. If you don't know these things, everyone assumes the worst of you. God forbid I don't know about the issues of whichever oppressed groups because then that makes me an ignorant racist homophobic piece of crap.
Twitter turns everyone into assholes. It turns people hostile and antisocial. Online fan communities have become rancid. I was only on there to look at fan art, a year later it's become the reason why I'm going to therapy.
Thank God I left that hell hole.
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2021.12.07 00:55 aelbaum Why is it so important the word waffle starts with a W?

Because if there was no W it would just be awful. (needs to be said not read)
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2021.12.07 00:55 IceKremePH Cheap Bedrock Edition Shop

Hi! Is there any site that's selling cheap/discounted bedrock edition code for Mimecraft? I hope someone can help. Thank you!
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2021.12.07 00:55 Bossninja2004 Hello everyone

Hello everyone I just want to make announcement, I noticed a lot of “it’s my autism” memes recently so I added a new tag if any one wants to make a new meme using that meme template please label your meme with the following tag.
Before any one asks I have no idea what compels mean to add this rule.
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2021.12.07 00:55 legos45 [Amazon] Apple MacBook Air 13 (Late 2020): 8-core Apple M1, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, QHD 13.3″ IPS Display for $1,099.99 after $150 off

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2021.12.07 00:55 aleaniled Never forget the totally-neutral Wikipedia page "mass killings under communist regimes", subject of the longest deletion debate in the site's history and full of more enlightened centrists than you can shake a fasces at.

Never forget the totally-neutral Wikipedia page submitted by aleaniled to ENLIGHTENEDCENTRISM [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 00:55 Embarrassed-Sock-465 Squeak drawing :)

Squeak drawing :) submitted by Embarrassed-Sock-465 to SqueakGang [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 00:55 absolutelyuseless31 The feeling of giving up

I'm 19, and I've given up. Doctor after doctor, test after test, blood here and there, and cPTSD from a therapist. Little to no answers, most everyone in my life has gas lit me, and I quit. My bf is the only person I can truthfully say he cares, but we're over 400 miles apart. I can no longer eat more than a few bites and can only drink maybe a cup 1/2 of water. Enough to take my meds, but that's it. I'm losing weight faster than ever before, 3 pounds just over the weekend. I'm on nausea meds, which aren't working, along with a lot of other meds and suppliments. I had a quick test for gastroparesis, it came back negative, and now no one is caring about it. I'm only 111lbs, and if I keep dropping a pound every day or two, I'm not gonna be okay. I can't survive on a single measuring cup of water a day. There's a lot of other health issues I'm battling with, but the inability to drink water without being sick is the most worrisome issue atm.
But I quit worrying tonight. Worrying makes me sicker, and makes others more frustrated with me. If I can lie to myself enough, maybe life would be better. If I die, then I die. I'm tired of the gaslighting, so I'm done. I'm gonna tell myself I'm fine until I believe it. Less stress from the fam, lower bills, and a shorter life span. I never thought giving up would feel so good. It'll make everyone else happier, and I get to leave this miserable and broken body of mine behind sooner.
My bf and my three cats are my lifelines atm, so maybe some glimmer of light will shine in at somepoint. But right now, there isn't a ray of light in sight.
And no, I do not encourage others to quit, not at all. This is just the path for me for the time being. It may change, but it may not. Just don't ever let giving up be your first option.
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2021.12.07 00:55 9-Cortes A realidade da Inglaterra que a "merdia jornalistica" brasileira tenta esconder!

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2021.12.07 00:55 princepsed I drew my favorite guy

I drew my favorite guy submitted by princepsed to ghibli [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 00:55 Sensory_Slave Were Jews allies or enemies in Christian history?

OKAY I'm SOOO sorry for the terrible title. But I genuinely cant rewrite it any better. Allow me to add context. Before Christ was born, Judaism was the primary religion. And alot of Christs followers at the time were jewish as well....Christ himself was jewish. And if satan had controlled the land before Christ, this would include the jews right? Sin and Satan ISNT judaism though, obviously So why were they persecuted so damn much in history? Moses literally split the sea to help them escape from slavery in Egypt.... Mind you this was just biblical times, I'm not even including Hitler (who was a Christian), who is relatively recent considering the lifespan of humanity. So I'm just confused. Why was Christianity so back and forth on the treatment of judaism in history?
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2021.12.07 00:55 Rebelrose7078 Merry Christmas!… Sh*tters full😂😂😂

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2021.12.07 00:55 Adventurous-Tree7684 Got some good photos out on mountain tops

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2021.12.07 00:55 BadaB00mBabay Потому что в реальности вас опять ждёт котёл, Пётр Алексеич, помнишь Дебальцево?

Потому что в реальности вас опять ждёт котёл, Пётр Алексеич, помнишь Дебальцево? submitted by BadaB00mBabay to NoLawRus [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 00:55 OwO62049 Meme goes here too

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2021.12.07 00:55 CaduCopperhead App for turning phone screen into dual VR display

So, I have a Galaxy S10, and one of those VR BOX Goggles.
They work Just like Cardboard, you slide the phone in, and run any kind of vr app.
My question is, is there some way or app that can turn the phone screen into that dual side by side VR display?
For example, If want to see some ordinary app in VR Goggles, How can I do that?
There are some VR Vídeo players in the app store, but O don't want to use for vídeos, I want with other apps, so It should be something that constantly displays my phone screen in dual VR sbs
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