DMing with a bunch of first timers

2021.12.07 00:34 Modern_Robot DMing with a bunch of first timers

Certainly far from the most horrific I've seen on here but figured I'd throw a recent story of mine into the ring to commiserate.
Met a person on a dating app, and one of our mutual interests was DND. I was not actively playing with any groups and had not in a couple of years and they likewise had not played in a while because they had recently move to the area.
So they pitched me an idea, they had some friends who were interested but had never played before. They would arrange the group (4 players plus me), help the 3 new players with character creation and rules stuff, maybe help nudge the party in the right direction, so that i could focus on telling the story and doing the crunchier bits.
I send out a message saying heres the setting, heres a brief history of this world, heres the themes and scenarios I usually work in (we even had a little survey about yellow and red topics) so far everything seems pretty good.
So heres where things start going sideways. They seeing that we only have a paladin for healing, and not wanting to give up being a warlock, asks if they can add a couple of low level healing spells to their spell list just so we don't TPK too easily. Everyone was starting at 3rd level, and the worst i had planned for the first day was a nest of kobolds. But sure players walk into stupid things without realizing an extra person with cure wounds isn't going to hurt anything.
Then they want their Aasimar to be related to Helios. I asked why it couldn't be Lathander (after confirming that they didn't want any in game rewards for it), but they really insisted that they wanted Helios. Fine whatever.
We have the Warlock, a Paladin, a Ranger, and a Druid (who was originally a rogue, but wanted to change last minute, further alleviating the problem with healing, but this was after that discussion and it wasn't worth going backwards on)
Game night finally rolls around. I set them in a logging town near some ruins, give them a couple of rumors. I get absolute dead silence from the party after I give my kind of opening remarks. Give a anything you want to ask, or learn about, go do, anything sound interesting (I was trying to get anyone to take some reigns, perhaps the person who said they would help nudge the party)
Finally I added a new rumor that a local scholar had been kidnapped, this piqued the interest of the Paladin (to right a wrong) and the Ranger (who was roughly based off Indiana Jones/Lara Croft, and wanted to see what the scholar knew about local treasures). Great we have a direction!
The Warlock continues to be complete counter productive, not answering even basic questions, not helping guide the newbies, just being off in their own little mary sue bubble.
They run into an elven ranger, who wants to know what they are doing this far into the woods (in the story they were basically trespassing in sovereign elven territory, though they didn't fully know when they started). The ranger to get their attention and to show them that danger was in these woods fired a warning shot a couple feet in front of them before coming to talk. The warlock then gives the Elven Ranger a dumb nickname, is super combative, and just about starts a fight with an NPC who is probably double their level. The elven ranger then points them in the direction of the kobold camp and tells them to be careful.
They track the kobolds to their lair where they have the scholar held. They kill about half the kobolds with ease, the others start to flee. This would be a chance for the party to give chase and see where they are going (hook 1), or search this cave and find what they left behind (hook 2), or both. They did neither. They found the scholar, buried the kobolds and left. I tried to hint that it would be in their interest to at least explore the cave before leaving, since they were more worried about getting the scholar back to safety as opposed to tracking down the kobolds. But i didn't want to tell them exactly what to do.
This was the end of the first session, I had the ranger leave some items that they should have gotten in the cave wrapped up on the path, so they at least had those clues to go on. They get back to town and we call it a night.
I message everyone the next day about the session cause from my end it felt like pulling teeth. I told them they were welcome to ask questions, ask to make checks, ask what their characters might know about a subject, that they could talk to NPCs, track down rumors, search dungeons, because there were breadcrumbs that i was trying to leave that they were ignoring. And all the new players made it sound like they were told that I would tell them what they were doing and what to roll.
I finished with asking what starting direction they wanted to go for session two, and i suggested that they could go back to the cave to search more completely, but if something else caught their attention I could steer more in that direction.
The warlock chimed in and said they wanted to go find the elven ranger and make fun of them some more.
There was no session two.
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2021.12.07 00:34 develasco22 NFL Referee's hat flies off in high winds in NE v BUF

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2021.12.07 00:34 scopa0304 Hoops tip off techniques?

Curious how you guys get such speedy launches in hoops. Once I hit gold, I can’t seem to beat anyone to the ball. Somehow they are a split second faster than me. Is there a special button combo to get an extra burst of speed? I typically just boost at an angle, but that’s not cutting it.
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2021.12.07 00:34 Maxsk1 Lunge Descriptions outdated?

Are the lunge descriptions outdated? Starting with the last major update, Lunge only seems to have 25% crit rate and lunge 3 seems to have 75% crit rate. This is after using both about 1000 times. Didnt test lunge 2, but Id imagine its about 50%.
Were these skills descriptions just never updated?
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2021.12.07 00:34 dominickm22 YouTube Subnautica

I was watching the replay of super playing subnautica on his YT and noticed they are all gone as of today. Anyone know why or where I can find them?
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2021.12.07 00:34 HallEducational2276 me_irl

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2021.12.07 00:34 amphotos2 Dating in 2021

I have always dated up. 10 - 4 years older has been my range but I am now 27 and dating a 37 year old seems like something I don't want to do. I just feel like there’s a massive discrepancy in mentality by that point.
I Just broke up with the gal pal. I have never touched online dating apps and the prospect of online dating makes me want to take a shotgun blast to face. Are we still walking up to people? Its always worked for me, but again, they've always been older and I feel like im in that weird transitionary place where you're either all about the socials or you don't exist on them at all.

what is the norm now?
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2021.12.07 00:34 Accomplished_Ease197 So the court date for Tomorrow was rescheduled for next month.

The lawyer is waiting on some stuff got notified today. Good thing I can save a bit more money. Kind of a relief in a way but I was just ready to get this over with. It's looking okay so far still haven't drank anything since the whole thing happened. So yeah it's hopeful so far.
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2021.12.07 00:34 157iQnarcissist Yo IsFp gaNg!

Do you think you are superior to a majority of people? (in whatever aspect that may subjectively insinuate for yourself)
View Poll
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2021.12.07 00:34 ILostmymindidontmind Best Cordless and manual pex b crimp ring installer? Let’s start a discussion!

What do the pros and serious diyers think about tooling for this purpose, only interested in crimp ring tools not the cinch or hose clamp style. Let’s talk Tight spaces tooling also. I have some old Zurn 1/2 and 3/4 and the handles are probably 24 inches long. Not good for tight spaces looking into the ryobi due to affordability and mainly looking to invest in pex a tooling and hardware stock primarily. Who else’s Can’t stand a house that switches from b to A like come on man keep it one style of pex!!!! Thanks in advance happy holidays!!!!
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2021.12.07 00:34 JimmyWu21 What is everyone experience with used electronics on Amazon?

For simple things that either work or doesn't. I don't mind getting used. Like I bought some magnetic for my whiteboard recently. Saved like 5 dollars getting them used. I can easily tell if it's working or not.
But I'm catious for things like electronics because you just don't know what's going on inside. I'm thinking of getting a portable monitor. i can saved like 50 bucks if buy used. Not sure if it's worth the risk
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2021.12.07 00:34 JohnBrownMilitia They put a TV in their break room to play commercials for the company they are working for.... the post-it is the best part

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2021.12.07 00:34 Quinn006 Wooden Trivet Material? I have a client inquiring about a start shaped wooden trivet, any suggestions on best species of wood for this application?

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2021.12.07 00:34 Matlabguru 5 Best IDE For JavaScript

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2021.12.07 00:34 LT-Harrisey Tell me about your unique cultures!

Any holy rituals? Any holidays, celebrations, feasts, or times of mourning? Are there performances, singing or dancing? How does dress and appearance play a part? Who is revered most in your societies?
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2021.12.07 00:34 texas1st First time shooting in 6 years. Still got some rust to shake off. 15rds @ 15 yards

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2021.12.07 00:34 joegodard7 Some Ideas for the Future of Pokemon

I've just been thinking about what kind of direction Pokemon should take in the future and things that I want to see as the series moves forward. I think we can all agree that something needs to change to keep the series going in a positive direction in the future, so I thought I'd just throw some ideas out there and see what you guys think.

  1. STOP IT WITH THE NEW POKEMON This has got to be the biggest mindset change that I think needs to happen in this series. We are at almost 900 different pokemon, which is insane. There is no world where any developer can reliably balance a game around that many individual characters, and they are still making more. Rather than creating new mons, focus on fleshing out the existing characters. I think Megas, additional evolutions/pre-evolutions and regional forms are fine and cool ways to spruce up existing pokemon and make them more interesting. They should be spending time thinking about how to cleverly update, integrate and use existing pokemon in whatever new region they are designing.
  2. BETTER REGION DESIGN The world being experienced really needs to become more interesting and varied than they currently are, and there should be legitimate reasons to want to return to previous areas. Rather than completely clearing every dungeon through the course of the story, let those dungeons have areas that are blocked off until you are further in the game. Let certain routes be closed until a bit later. Hoenn and Sinnoh were probably the best at this, as there were actually reasons to crisscross through cities multiple times in the story, but it still really lacked any sense of exploration and discovery. Non-linearity isn't necessarily the answer as that changes some aspects of the overall game design, but isolated instances of non-linearity could be interesting. Imagine if there is a mountain in your path, and you could either choose a dungeon consisting of walking through an old mine tunnel to the other side, or you could choose to climb over the mountain, encountering more ice type pokemon along the way. You get to choose whichever one you like, while still having the opportunity to return to the other option later if you want. They gym order can remain linear, but the path to the gyms and their cities doesn't necessarily have to be. This can also help with varying up pokemon availability and the amount of pokemon available in the game. It doesn't feel like padding, as the other paths are completely optional, but it allows the developers to introduce areas with unique pokemon that the player could get if they so choose.
  3. SIDE OBJECTIVES Having more to do in the world is another super important part of letting the player feel like they have some agency in how they navigate the story. These don't even have to be anything super in depth. It could just be catching a certain pokemon or battling certain people. Make some optional smaller dungeons to take on that are off the beaten path. Making these quests give out actually useful rewards would go a long way. Imagine if the only way to get like a Gible was to complete a small optional dungeon, or you could only get the masterball by defeating a particularly strong trainer. Introducing side quests at different times in the story could also lead to more backtracking and exploration. Maybe after your second badge you are now considered strong enough to enter the fighting dojo back in your home town, and if you beat them you can win yourself a Tyrogue or something.
  4. STORY / LORE This is a pretty obvious one that comes up pretty often, but I think the most important thing here is to make the region feel like an actually real place. Have some extra lore about each city, even if its just some ancillary information that isn't important. Places like Ecruteak city and Spear Pillar are cool because they feel like they existed long before you were there. Castelia City is cool because it actually feels populated and interesting, with its own unique style. I think a cool way to spice things up would be to change how trainer encounters work. Maybe at the start of the game you graduate with a class of like 20 other people, and those make up some of the trainers you fight through the game. Instead of facing 20 random bug catchers, maybe you fight the same 3 or 4 bug catchers a couple of times throughout the story as they also continue on their adventure. (Making sure that they keep changing up their teams so it isn't repetitive). They wouldn't have to be particularly deep characters or anything, it would just be kind of cool to see that you are not the only trainer making any real progress. Also, having an interesting and compelling main story is obviously important and has been sorely lacking in the past few iterations. It can be hard to integrate a story in with the 8 gym structure, but it can be done. What if the evil team is actually in control of the region, and the entire pokemon league system is totally corrupt? Then you have a reason to visit each gym and eliminate the evil teams presence. Maybe each gym can have a separate side quest where you find or interact with a potential replacement for the gym. Having the player have any sort of personal connection to the story would be nice as well. Maybe the evil team stole your mom's pokemon or something, I don't know.
  5. QUALITY OF LIFE / UI IMPROVEMENTS In terms of the actual battle system, I think it's tough to make any changes without drastically altering the core gameplay. However, there are definitely some obvious and easy improvements that could be made. Why can't I explicitly see my EVs/IVs (not just some vague descriptor, but the actual number)? Why can't I see the stat changes that are currently in effect? Where is the indicator when abilities like Blaze are active? Simple UI and Quality of Life changes like this would make the games so much more convenient to actually play through and experience.
  6. PLAYER CHOICE / CUSTOMIZATION This isn't so much about things like character customization or non-linearity, but rather in giving the player the ability to choose how they want to play. Add an easy/medium/hard mode that is accessible right off the bat. Implement things like Nuzlocke mode where those rules are just enforced for you throughout the game. Make EXP. share toggleable. Rather than forcing players to conform to a very rigid structure for the game, give them some freedom in how they experience it.
  7. POST-GAME CONTENT There should be some reason to come back to the game after the E4, and I think with some of the changes I mentioned above this would be relatively easy. Having a larger region with many more optional areas gives you a reason to continue exploring the world. Having optional dungeons / additional areas in previous dungeons would be an option. These dungeons could even be tied to side quests that might lead to a legendary encounter. People have been wanting actual quests attached to legendaries for a long time now. Maybe you can go through the gym leaders again and do a second league challenge. Maybe those gym leaders have changed, or new and different gyms have sprung up and you can pick and choose which you would like to challenge. That bug trainer you went to school with and fought a couple times? It turns out he opened his own bug-type gym after you became the champion. You could literally copy and paste the battle frontier from gen 4 and the PWT from gen 5 into a new region with the same mechanics and soo many people would be happy.
Overall, it basically boils down to this: stop trying to introduce new characters and gimmicks, and really rethink the overall region design philosophy. You don't have to change any fundamentals of the game; catching them all, 8 gyms, the usual battle system and an evil team can all stick around, they just need to be reworked and made interesting for a change.
So, what do you guys think? Any thoughts on the ideas I've got here, or any ideas of your own? I'd personally like to see ideas that don't mess with the overall formula too much, but could still provide drastic improvements to the games.
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2021.12.07 00:34 Brianyeetamole Amar Bharati, the man who has been holding his hand up for the past 45 years

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