New Arcane Agent video!

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2021.12.06 23:43 samuri1286 New Arcane Agent video!

Holy crap, if you haven't seen it there's a new build video posted on YT by Arcane Agent. 1800 DPR! Insane! He even goes into mythic levels and equipment.
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2021.12.06 23:43 gemini_saga24 One of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken. Psycho Histeria taking flight against Blood Eagle.

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2021.12.06 23:43 krunchyfrogg Finish out this BG2/ToB party:

I am playing on insane difficulty and no reloads. I am still in Irenicus Dungeon as a (inactive) berserker 9/mage 5 (right now)
Berserker 9/mage (Celestial Fury/Belm) Edwin Korgan (Axe of Unyielding/defender of Easthaven) Anomen (Flail of Ages, maybe dual with Crom Faeyr very late game) Jan (Firetooth X-Box)
Now, there is also a possibility very late game of handing the DoE to Anomen and giving Korgan Kundane for an extra attack, but I know he will take a lot of damage on insane difficulty and reducing that by 20% should help.
Anyway, on the party member #6:
I could add Jahiera, druid spells are nice and that means swapping some equipment around but that’s ok.
I could go with Dorn but I’ve never used him in BG2 and unknown areas scare me a bit in a no reload run.
Haer’Dalis gives me another fightemage wannabe, but I’m not in love with him.
Yoshimo>Imoen gives me an additional high level mage, but that might be overkill.
I could just leave the slot empty too, giving myself a boost in XP which is always nice. That also opens up Sarevok and the Ravager in ToB.
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2021.12.06 23:43 WSBHarambe [George} Feels bad to sell a poison murloc but it had to be done

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2021.12.06 23:43 ReptileShmeptile Fell hard for a member of the church

Hi guys,
About a month ago I met a guy through a work thing. We hit it off really well. We both have the same stupid sense of humor, love a lot of the same media and music, and morally align pretty well. We’d stay up late into the night just talking and laughing. I definitely had a crush on him, and our work friends knew he liked me too, but advised me to be careful — he’s a devout member of the church, so don’t expect anything. So I was fine pining from afar and just being his friend.
But this past weekend when our group went out to see a movie, he put his arm around me. And the next two days were magical. Hand-holding, deep talks, spending practically every waking second together. And we talked about our spiritual differences— how we couldn’t believe the other person would like us. I curse like a sailor, I’ve been stumbling drunk in front of him, I love my Starbucks and sweet tea, I’ve even dated and had sex with a girl before. And he told me that although those things didn’t align with The Standards ™️, he still liked me, and he hopes to find a way to make it work. He knows I have no interest in converting, and he doesn’t want me to. He knows I wouldn’t do it for me, but for him, and he doesn’t want me to have to change for him whatsoever. He likes me just the way I am. He told me these anxieties are for him to handle, that I’ve done nothing wrong, and that he’s going to see a counselor this week to help him decide / get permission maybe(?) if this can somehow work.
I wanted to know — is that even possible, dating someone like me outside the faith? He’s very concerned with his end goal of getting sealed, but simultaneously wishes we could be together without me converting. He’s very torn. Or am I naive? Is this all a façade, a calculated way to get me into the church? My hopes aren’t high, they never were, but I definitely didn’t anticipate this from a devout Mormon.
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2021.12.06 23:43 Miss_miserable_ I'm unable to offer my help to animals cause of my mental health

And it hurts me a lot. Everytime that I meet a stray animal that suffers or is wounded I go away immediately when in reality I want to help it, because first I can't deal with my emotions and second I'm not in a place to offer real help. I struggle a lot with my mental health and i can't offer real help rather than just food. I can't explain exactly why I can't take them to a vet but I can't also take them home because I get overly anxious of how to take care of them and I also have germophobia. From the other side I can't call someone to help them because I have severe social anxiety. My mom also struggling with many issues but also she doesn't take it so seriously as me. I'm also afraid that I will get so emotionally affected from an animal that I will not operate normal after. I know what I write doesn't make much sense its very complicated to explain it.
I guess for someone else is not such a big deal, so many people let animals in the streets but my poor hurt can't stand it and I feel like I'm the worst person of not doing anything I can do to help them even if is detrimental for my mental health. But I don't trust myself at all, I'm not in a good place mentally to offer the support an animal need, I'm not good enough and stable to be responsible for them. And also I can't take every animal that suffer in a small apartment where I don't even take care of myself and we have neglected our house completely.
This post was inspired but tonight's event. I found a deeply wounded cat under a trash can and some dogs wanted to attack her. At first I didn't understand that she had a broken leg I thought she was just afraid of them but after my mom came to pick me with her car I passed again from here and we realize the damage she had. Fortunately enough my mom was with me and she decided to take the cat and in the morning she will get her to the vet and then my uncle will take her in his house since he has a big yard and many other cats.
But I felt extremely ashamed with myself because I know that if I was alone I wouldn't help the cat. I wpukd let her here hoping that someone will find her in the morning. That someone else more brave will do something. I feel very bad in the thought of how many animals I have seen suffer and I didn't do anything except from providing food. I feel that I'm such a hypocrite telling that I love animals.
I wanted to share this incident because I get really confused with myself. When it comes to people I'm overly judgmental in my head and sometimes I get so cruel and harsh and I feel weird when I see other people crying for something. But there are times that I feel so bad when someone is bullied, is like I feel his sadness depnin my soul and I want so much to defend him. And when it comes to animals I'm overly sensitive. But sometimes I question myself if I'm a covert narcissist because I feel like my empathy makes me a special person, better than others. I wonder if what I feel is not empathy but just a way to boost my ego and be likeable. But I really want to help animals because I can't deal with the feeling of knowing I could do something and I didn't do it. And also is like I feel their soul how afraid and lonely they might feel.
Whenever I go out I always search for all the stray dogs in my town and I feel such a deep connection with them and I get so sad when I see people ignore them. At the same moment I feel like I'm something better and different because I'm not like them. But my motive is not this I feel indeed very hopeful when I see someone get interested in them not threaten that someone will steel my specialty. Years of invalidation and rejection maybe made me to found this coping mechanism but I get so frustrated of what I really am.
Anyway my post got all over the place what I wanted really to say is that I feel very bad with myself of not being able to really offer the help and the love I want and at the same time I kind of hold myself because I'm afraid that I will be more vulnerable or I will indulge my superiority feelings.
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2021.12.06 23:43 rs16 Tennessee court grants new trial for Black man after all-white jury deliberated in room with Confederate symbols

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2021.12.06 23:43 Sunvoltxx psychopath

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2021.12.06 23:43 Outrageous-Advert I don’t bake any other kinds of bread but I feel like y’all would like my banana bread

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2021.12.06 23:43 carlsonbjj Are My Stomach Problems Really All in My Head?

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2021.12.06 23:43 _kiminara /longevity Subdirect Statistics

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2021.12.06 23:43 JadeKade In Infinity War Peter Quill screws the plan to defeat Thanos and thus endangers the universe which makes the fans hate him. In No Way Home Peter Parker screws the spell to make everyone forget he's Spider-Man and thus endangers the multiverse which makes the fans love him.

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2021.12.06 23:43 zebbofficial He has something to say [OC]

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2021.12.06 23:43 SinnerBinner How to fictionalize a real world town?

How do you research locales, names, historical events, folklore, etc of a given town or county in the US without it being overwhelming? I'm trying to create the a fictional setting based of a real one for a series and don't know where to begin. I'm ready with graph paper to make neighborhoods, streets, stores, landmarks, and general locales. I have files open for character documents fitting the setting. I'm just very lost on what to do first and how to pre-plan this series to be realistic!
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2021.12.06 23:43 GroundbreakingClerk1 Oscillatory Motion

The givens for the spring are k= 5 and mass is 2. The velocity going through the center is 20.
What is the distance (change in x) at the max stretch?
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2021.12.06 23:43 whereismynut [actives] Very strange how these mushrooms are growing upside down lol

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2021.12.06 23:43 Derethevil Is lag switching still a thing?

I need to ask since i not only have a video that shows how someone aims completely off center and kills everything with ease but also rubberbands around like hell.
Later on that person killed me arounda corner before i could even have seen anything from him. (I was at the door to breach, crouching in a corner and looking at exactly where he were coming from, but before i saw him, i already got shot. Looking at his play he was seeing me, where i couldn't see him, even though i looked at him directly.)
Sure BTB can be laggy, but that felt a bit off.
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2021.12.06 23:43 imabanana1337 I made a thought out Tiermaker for the first 16 levels

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2021.12.06 23:43 chococroissanto Can’t stop laughing at how his shoulders look in this stance

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2021.12.06 23:43 CaptainArchangel Sitting on one foot helping me study for finals. ❤️ Austin is my baby.

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2021.12.06 23:42 HexFire03 Filled the text on the label boss

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2021.12.06 23:42 thejengamaster Should Willow have faced more serious repercussions for murdering a villain?

I mean that guy was something of a monster. But he was a human, and she murdered him.
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2021.12.06 23:42 9fingeredbandit96 Do lesbian women that dress in men's clothing, want to be the "man" in the relationship or do they just like dressing in men's clothing ?

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2021.12.06 23:42 PingPing88 Amazon Link 200 character limit

The chat stream is going by way too fast but I quickly saw someone worried about a 200 character limit in the youtube chat.
This link to 30 pounds of mayonnaise is only 136 characters but you can shorten
This link is 285 characters
but you can shorten it to
You just need the /dp/ and the number
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2021.12.06 23:42 useyourownillusion BF .... Constantly racial and playfully gay

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