Metakey Explained: A NFT gaming token like an Amiibo

2021.12.07 00:25 ThereBeGold Metakey Explained: A NFT gaming token like an Amiibo

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2021.12.07 00:25 humanoid-surprise Lizzy Grant Vibes. The Bikini Girl on the Boardwalk, 1959

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2021.12.07 00:25 GabsterGS Felicitamos a los alumnos de la ENMS de Salvatierra por participar en el "Primer concurso de ciencias básicas" desarrollado por el Tecnológico Nacional de Celaya.

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2021.12.07 00:25 beliveinhope Should I get a better weapon for him, better lvl or something? This mission is fine but the imprisoned take like little health after destroying the weak point gauge

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2021.12.07 00:25 Suspicious_Ad4705 r/causticmains leaving a present for you Dr. wattson, we appreciate your quippy respect and I think I speak for us all when I say we deem you a worthy scientist.

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2021.12.07 00:25 Post-YouTube Video: IM NOT GIVING UP!

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2021.12.07 00:25 TotterTateHotDosh Looking for serious builders or technical players for my 1.18 Java Vanilla fabric carpet mod technical server

Hello, currently I am the only person on my server that I have worked on over the last year and have a lot of technical farms that produce nearly unlimited of most resources. I'm looking for some serious non griefing builders who would like to put some of the resources to use. I would prefer players to be over 18 as I've had bad luck with younger players in the past but if you can show me your build quality I would consider younger also. The server is vanilla running on fabric so any fabric client mods can be used, I also run carpet mod allowing a few unique things to be possible such as amethyst buds can be mined with silk touch and brought to a location for a farm. I would be willing to accept more technical players as well if that is your thing, more farms always welcome. Message me if interested.
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2021.12.07 00:25 DistributionOk2940 ok y’all i posted a while back a photo of troll face saying that it would be funny if everyone upvoted/awarded so that you didn’t die on march something. premium just ended from that. let’s go again. here’s a photo of philadelphia. award this shit

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2021.12.07 00:25 Did_Gyre_And_Gimble Wet food for a sensitive stomach?

My Wheat (11F) has always been a stomach on four paws.
Lately, she’s been skipping meals. She’s still hungry and will eat human food if she can get ahold of it but won’t eat any of her (now four!) options for dry food.
Her labs and parasite tests all came back well, and she has plenty of energy, so I don’t think she’s sick. I think maybe she just has reached an age where she is developing a bit of a sensitive stomach and isn’t putting up with kibble anymore.
Anyone have any useful thoughts or recommendations?
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2021.12.07 00:25 asonofasven NGL, I am annoyed a bug cost me progress

I was doing the retro saloons seasonal event, and I won the first race in a stock Audi RS2 but just barely, so before attempting race 2 I took it to a house to give it some weight loss. When I bought the upgrade, I was met with the never ending “saving” screen for the 2nd time in a short while. So restart the game. When I came back, the car had its upgrade(!) but the game did not recognize the seasonal race win, or the cars I had photographed during that race. Weird, huh? Never had a bug that set me back before.
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2021.12.07 00:25 Mega-Jinx Battle Pass question and need friends

So someone explain to me like I’m 5. So since we’re on week 5 I can’t go back and get battle pass missions from 1-4, but does that mean I won’t have enough missions now to get all the rewards, specifically the venasaur skin at the end?
Also anyone for a match? Need friends my name is MegaJinx
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2021.12.07 00:25 piggybackpiggyback Podcasts

Has anyone seen any podcasts that are helpful to learn empathy for your partner or overcome selfishness?
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2021.12.07 00:25 ScoutSketchez on todays episode of “pinterest users are something else”

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2021.12.07 00:25 MNIJEF97 Hoyeon Jung attempt (no mods and w/red hair) what do you guys think?

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2021.12.07 00:25 IAteThePies How much is appropriate to spend on a xmas present for someone you have been dating 2 months ?

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2021.12.07 00:25 CypoeBur Was I a Karen to my Gym?

Okay was I a Karen here?
So I (34m) joined a new gym a couple months ago, it is an independent training gym and it's my first experience with a gym where you just go to their classes and do their workouts for 45 minutes. It's a queer gym and I'm gay so it's a nice fit in that way. I mostly really like the gym, I'm getting into better shape and I'm learning a bunch of new things, my old exercise routine was very stale and so I'm glad that I found this place.
There was a bit of a small issue last week and it took perhaps a little longer to get it resolved than I would have liked. I was trying to sign up for classes at the end of November, but their app told me I had to pay for the next month before I could enroll in classes, so I did that. Then, a few days later, their system still auto-billed me for that same month. This is not a cheap gym, it's $249 a month, so I definitely wasn't trying to pay twice. I would have just let it go and counted the second payment for January, but it doesn't seem like their system really works that way, so I was probably going to get billed again in January and that extra $249 would just be gone.
This is a small independent gym. It has a lot of loyal members and people who go love it, that is also why I like it. The person who owns it is in a relationship with one of the trainers, members have become trainers, so people know each other to varying degrees and it's like a little community I guess. But that also means that they don't have a huge customer support team or anything like that, when they're closed there's probably just nobody to help you--which is fine generally.
Well so, the first thing I did last week to try and resolve the issue is I responded to the email that was sent when I was charged. It's an auto-generated email but it comes from the owner's email address, so I figured she probably checks that email address and will see the email, since it's a smaller independent gym. But no response, okay.
So then I called their phone number the next day, I got voicemail, so I left a voicemail and explained the situation. What happened, date of the charges, etc. At this point I'm like whatever about it, I figure someone will get to it and they'll fix it. But I still don't hear anything for a day or so.
Then last Thursday, as I'm going in to the gym to work out, one of the trainers says hello and a new front desk person introduces themselves. I say hi to both of them and then, after apologizing for changing the subject, I mention this weird billing issue. Maybe that was actually a Karen movie, to go into that so soon? But I swear I was nice about it and even apologized for troubling them with the issue. I just don't know who exactly to go to with these sorts of issues? So I tell them I think I realize why it happened, that I'm good for either a refund or for it to count toward January, the trainer tells me I can just talk to them next time if I want to sign up for classes early and that they'll take care of it. Well then a couple days pass and nothing happen, so I figured I would probably need to say something again. This same trainer has forgotten little things in the past, I'm sure she is busy, she did a class like 5 minutes after that conversation, so it made sense for that issue to have just been forgotten.
So then, after class this past Sunday, I go to the front desk and it's this guy Mark who is always there at the front desk, although I'll be honest that I did not remember his name at that time. I have very little interaction with him generally, just hi or bye as I'm coming or going, so yeah I didn't remember his name. I just said like "oh hey, sorry to bother you, can I ask you about this weird billing thing?" and explained it to him. He actually looked it up in their system, saw what I was talking about, agreed that I should not have been charged twice and told me that he had refunded the first purchase. So I was like oh great thank you and it was all pleasant enough. Although, I always feel awkward when I talk to people at this gym? Are gyms just awkward? I'm probably just awkward.
In any case, here is where I maybe fucked up.
I got home yesterday after grocery shopping and stuff, I checked my email like I do often, and I noticed there was no confirmation email or anything like that for the refund. I thought maybe there would be one because, for example, if you cancel a class too late, you get an email about a $5 charge they assess. But I was like whatever. But then today, checking my credit card app, there's nothing about a pending refund.
Now, I understand that refunds can take 3-5 business days, I work in tech and have dealt with payment processors and processes, etc. But generally speaking, in probably 95% of the commerce I do these days, I see a refund pending on my card almost immediately after one is issued electronically. It might take a few days to post but usually you see the refund pending pretty quickly after it is issued by the vender. So I understood it not being there on Sunday since it isn't a business day, but by Monday, considering how difficult it had been to get this refund, I was like....did something else happen? Maybe I was just being impatient.
I noticed that I received an unrelated email from the gym about a promotion or something, and I then noticed there was actually a customer service email address in the footer that I had never seen before.
So uh, I wrote this to it:
"Hey there,
This is [myname], I'm following up on a billing issue that I had last week.
On November 25th, while I was scheduling classes for the following week, I was prompted in the app to make a purchase before I could schedule more classes. So I made the purchase and the charge posted the next day.
The following week, my membership auto-renewed even though I had already made a purchase of the VIP package for December the week before.
So, I effectively paid for December twice, once when I made the purchase myself and again after the system billed me a few days later.
After I noticed the issue, I tried to resolve it in a few different ways.
- I responded to an order confirmation email I received from [email address] and described the issue. I’m not sure if that’s a monitored inbox but I thought I’d try since my receipts come from that address.
- I called the next day and left a voice message describing the issue.
- I mentioned to the front desk last week before a class that this has happened and they indicated they’d take care of it.
- I didn’t see the refund post after that conversation and so I called again the next day, didn’t get an answer and did not leave a voice message this time.
- I mentioned it again to the front desk after class yesterday (12/5) and was told my first purchase from 11/25 had been refunded. Like, I think he was refunding it for me right then at that moment.
I realize it can take anywhere from 3-5 business days for a refund from a vendor to post but usually I’ll see a pending refund on my account right away when a refund is issued electronically from a vendor. I’m actually not seeing one in this instance and I didn’t get an email confirmation of the refund, so I’m not sure whether the refund was processed successfully or not.
I’m hoping this message will reach someone and that I can get confirmation of the refund. I wouldn’t mind paying twice if I knew I wouldn’t be charged again for January, but I think the system will probably charge me for January anyway as it did for December, so that is primarily why I was asking to have one of these two payments reversed. As of yesterday I think that a refund was issued, but I don’t have anything on my end to verify, so I’m not sure whether it went through or not. Could someone please confirm? This is my [credit card details]."
So uh, maybe a little long there. There were screenshots of the two charges too. I was mostly just trying to verify that the refund went through but in doing that I did also call out the fact that I've been trying to deal with this for about a week. I wasn't overtly rude but I's there.
Went to class today, Mark was actually there at the desk, I said hello and everything was just normal, I'm not sure whether he or anyone had gotten my email at that point. But then I came home and he texted me screenshots to verify the refund, told me I could text him at any time with questions, it was more on the professional side. Not quite defensive but sorta matching the tone of my email if you will.
So anyway, now that I know the damn refund has been processed, I feel like an asshole for pushing it so much. I could have waited for a couple of days and then asked again if it still hadn't gone through. It's a small gym. The owner probably doesn't monitor that email, they probably don't check voice messages often because nobody does that anymore, the first time I asked before class they were just in the middle of something and forgot, and when I asked the next time he did it for me. It wasn't like the end of the world, I just wanted to resolve the issue so that I could move on and didn't have to worry about that $249 anymore. But I hope I didn't offend Mark or anyone else.
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2021.12.07 00:25 sadragboi Wfl me: nfr fury, nr dodo, 2x snow owls, skele rec and a golden penguin them: fr crow (just seeing if this would happen I didnt get a trade like this)

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2021.12.07 00:25 TheProgressiveReport how do you feel about bernie's new strategy for zoomer outreach?

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2021.12.07 00:25 loveumurphy YANTU Portable Heavy Duty Air Compressor {Expires 12/30} [Coupon Code: RSLCTXA6 + Coupon ] (60% off) - $32

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2021.12.07 00:25 diothar "On a call/busy indicator"

Hello All, I was hoping for a sanity check. I'm pretty new to Home Assistant and this is my first attempt to write something of my own to solve a need, which feels good.
I have been working on a way for both my wife and I to communicate that we are on calls for our respective jobs, so that we would know when the other person could deal with a "walk-up" or not.
A few notes:
Best way I've found to automatically detect the status (especially since she won't do anything that isn't automatically done for her) is to use a sensor is the "live mic" sensor from the home assistant client app installed on both of our computers. It's pretty reliable so far.
  • 85% of the time, I'm on Zoom. But Webex or Teams can be possible
  • She has to bounce between any of the conferencing apps.
  • Have a hue go light on my desk, called elephant.
  • The elephant needs to show the status of both of us
  • I will eventually separate out and have elephant show my status and a future Aqara hub/night light show her status
  • (issue is we can't see each other's desks/working areas).
I can't help but think I did it the hard way and that there's a much more graceful way to do it.
The problem I had was accounting for each different status- which I tried to convey using colors.
  • Both not on a call (light off)
  • Both on a call (blue light)
  • Me on a call, Her not on a call (red light)
  • Her on a call, me not on a call (purple light)
I was having misfires on the triggers until I came up with about 10 different automations to cover each condition (what tripped me up was displaying the appropriate light when one of us was on a call and then the other one's status changed, such as:
  • Her getting on a call, me already on a call
  • Me getting on a call, her already on a call
  • Her ending her call, me still on a call
  • Me ending a call, her still on a call
and for some reason, I had to set every single combination of states in order for nothing funny to happen with the statuses. I had to think of every combination of states and how we'd transition through them. And I just can't help but think there's a more graceful way. Granted, I am happy it is working and it was a great learning experience. But what else can I do?

I came up with:
I'm somewhat new to home assistant, and this was actually my first attempt at writing something I didn't find off of youtube or a blog post. Good learning experience, but I feel like I knew just enough to make something that should be easy pretty darned hard.
Many thanks.
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2021.12.07 00:25 SleepyCalaban <3

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2021.12.07 00:25 Everevergreen23 Light brown?

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2021.12.07 00:25 Rivens_Mercy Any other goth villains?

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2021.12.07 00:25 Matlabguru R vs Matlab
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2021.12.07 00:25 aaaaaaa443 Convenient

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