What would you do if you saw your favorite pornstar in public?

2021.12.06 23:13 StarkOdinson216 What would you do if you saw your favorite pornstar in public?

Would it be any different than if you saw your favorite regular actoceleb. If it was a regular actor, I’d prolly chat or ask for a selfie
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2021.12.06 23:13 Reconranger2122 When is it appropriate to discuss political issues from the pulpit?

I know theres a lot of people hating that the church is talking about politics, politicians and controversial issues.
But the problem is that ANYTHING can be political, and of course if the pastor is the shepherd of the flock they have to warn them of false ideaologies, beliefs, ways of living, etc.
For example- homosexuality, it’s pretty obvious from scripture that it’s sin, but it’s also super political. Would it be appropriate the share the truth about this issue to the congregation?
What about abortion? Critical race theory? Is endorsing candidates too far?
Looking for scripturally discerned answers about this issue.
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2021.12.06 23:13 LarissaStarofficial how much sex should a man have weekly?

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2021.12.06 23:13 ronnyYaland Money returned to bank account? What should I do?

I checked my bank balance today and it looks like my rent money is still in my account. It was taken out on friday but now its back. So I called my landlord and let him know about it, everything seems fine on their end, no bounces.
My landlord said that something probably went wrong on my end and the check will probably bounce. They told me to pay cash instead. Is this a good idea because I dont want to pay cash + a bounced check fee. What should I do?
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2021.12.06 23:13 gruesome299 What's up with The Watcher?

Hi, I've been playing this game for quite some time, Ascension 2 or greater with all characters, except for one. That one being The Watcher. Now, something FEELS wrong with her gameplan, her deck, but I just can't determine it. I do have a theory, though.
Ironclad and Silent are effective because they don't introduce anything crazy: Ironclad gets buff, Silent poisons enemies, simple mechanics. Defect is a bit more complex because he gets a whole orb system and a variety of orbs to channel based on card, but he also has strong fundamentals and all his orbs directly impact gameplay. And then.. there's the Watcher. Her main mechanic is the three divine stances, although you'll only be using two: Calm and Wrath. Stances cannot be changed at will, once you engage one, you have to have an Empty card or one that changes your stance. You start with Vigilance, which gives you 8 block and puts you in Calm, and Eruption, which does 9 damage and puts you in Wrath. Okay, seems solid, but: Stances are rigid, you have to change stances via a card, and thus, via RNG, which throws a huge wrench into her gameplan. In my opinion, she should start with Tranquility and Crescendo, which put her into calm and wrath respectively, but can be upgraded to cost nothing and are retained, giving you much more agency over how you play. This could be added onto her deck or replace Eruption and Vigilance.
Watcher's issue is that she relies on Wrath for damage, while Calm has no benefits aside from giving you energy when you exit it, which clearly synergizes with Wrath. But, if you can't change stances without using a card, you have to either get lucky and get a card for each stance on one turn, or have foresight that you'll be able to go back to Calm or out of Wrath, which is where her other strength comes in: Scry. Another card-based ability (Read: Good game design) where several cards allow her to see the next card she'll draw, or next few cards, and discard as many as she wants. This is good, and with the Foresight power card, she can be pretty strong, but that's a power card, and the Bottled Tornado is on the same level as Ice Cream in "Great relics you'll never see." Even if you do find the Bottled Tornado, Foresight is uncommon, and you might not have it at the time.
So, you can't change stances at will, but what's wrong with Wrath? Well, it lets you do double damage, which is an amazing ability, but bring a calculator, because if you don't kill the enemy in question, you also take double damage, leading to the whole "Being unable to change stances at will" problem, relying on luck to change stances, all over again. This also makes her useless during boss fights, since you're always going to be taking heavy damage and even if you do have the cosmic power to have Wrath while the enemy isn't attacking, you're not guaranteed to get Calm later.
While playing Watcher, grinding for the first win, I frequently use this phrase I heard in a review video a while ago which goes something like, "Creates this suffocating feeling that you're not actually playing the game, the game's playing you." That's what Watcher feels like. You have to get Wrath to do big damage and then either have a Calm escape plan or kill the enemy you want, but enemies, as predictable as they are, can often change game plans, and due to the reliance on cards and therefore luck, you can easily trip into an instakill from a relatively harmless enemy because the game didn't give you the right cards. This problem is alleviated by the aforementioned cards Tranquility and Crescendo, which are retained, and I love them, as well as the mechanic of Scrying, but none of these options are guaranteed. The only other resort is the Frozen Eye, but that's a merchant-only relic, so that's far from guaranteed as well.
So, you have to get lucky to get Wrath to damage enemies, and then get luckier to get Calm to avoid dying due to double damage. Her main mechanic is luck-based. That's.. my issue.
tl;dr Having a character's whole ability be stances, which are changed with cards, and thus luck, stances which can make or break your run, is not good game design, and all the options that can fix this are also luck-based.
Even if you get an Ironclad run where you get only attacks, at least you can still beat up the enemies. A Watcher run without Tranquility/Crescendo and/or luck is just dead in the water.
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2021.12.06 23:13 AcanthocephalaOk6491 Park skating

I have vintage rentals with hybrid wheels and I’ve been getting more and more into aggressive park skating. Do I need special upgrades to stall and do more tricks + slides etc? any recommendations? Thank you
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2021.12.06 23:13 Competed My 4 yr old golden retriever has diabetes- weight-loss with treatment.

My 4 year old golden retriever has been diagnosed with diabetes and we are currently treating her with Vetsulin 2x a day (5 units per treatment, 10/day total). My question is, she maintains weight but doesn’t ever gain weight. You can see her bones, and she always acts very hungry even though we feed her big can on dog food twice a day (13oz can). Should we feed her more, switch her vetsulin dosage, feed her something different, etc. She acts perfectly fine other than her always looking for food.
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2021.12.06 23:13 JxJ454 Not to brag, but I'm a professional virgin

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2021.12.06 23:13 why_cant_i_ Them: Deep-fried Dan can't hurt you. Deep-fried Dan:

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2021.12.06 23:13 heygurlidk0101 advice please

hi-- senior girl in high school here at boarding school. I had my first kiss freshman year and had yet to have another since.
this past Tuesday i completely switched classes, and in doing so, met a new guy who's a post graduate. we started talking and exchanged snapchats, and had been texting ever since. this past saturday, after knowing him for about 4 days, he asked me to an event, so i said yes. after 30 minutes he asked to go back to my dorm, but i didn't want him in there, so instead offered to go to his room.
we check in in the common room and go upstairs. his room was DISGUSTING. like, classic teen boy gross. stinkbug on the wall. we ended up sitting on his floor and he puts on friends, so i tell him i need to go at 10:30 in case i need an out. at around 10:20 he starts looking really intently at. me, and this whole time i know he's just wanted to make out. at 10:23, he pauses friends and says "i think youre a little too into that" then proceeds to kiss me and we make out for like 5 minutes. lets just say i did not enjoy. ive never really loved kissing but even still.... at 10:28 i pull away and say sorry i need to leave. he walks me downstairs and the 30 boys in the common room CHEER for him as i walk out. i felt so.... idk
next day he's like that was fun lets hang tonight so i say i have something at 6 which he is also going to, and make a plan to end it with him. i tell him i can meet him at 5:30 because he keeps texting me and he's like "well thats not much time" (FIRST OFF HOW LONG DO U WANNA MAKEOUT FOR WTF). im like i can do 5:30 so we meet and first off, as he's walking out of his dorm i kid you not 10 windows opened from the building and boys stuck their heads out cheering for him. so anyway we go makeout for like 20 minutes, but i was smart and set an alarm for 5:50 so at 5:50 i am like oh shoot i have to go take some medicine so he walks me back to my room, and waits outside, while i go pretend to take medicine but actually brush my teeth. i come back down and as we are walking to the 6 o clock event i tell him: Hey i was just thinking about it and want to let you know im not looking for anything long term or even a friends with benefits situation this term, but im glad we can go to events and stuff and hang as friends. he seemed sad and didn't talk at all during the event, but at the end hung out w me again and walked me home.
that evening, he snapchats me saying do i want to go to the library to study so im like yay! friend stuff! so i say sure. i go and say ill meet him there, choosing the most populated room. he shows up. no backpack :/ very clear he was not there to study. i pull out my computer and start working, and about 20 min in he asks if i want to go to the bathrooms (LOL). i say no sorry im gonna work, and he asks again are you sure? im like yes. SO FINALLY i text my friend like lol help get me out of this sitch and she comes, feigning a breakup, to get me out of the building.
then, today, my ex boyfriend asked me in class if i had a fun time in the dorm the boy i had hooked up with lives in on saturday night, and i was like what, to which he says stuff gets around. i find out the whole grades knows, AND he asked to hookup again tonight.
how do i get out of this situation please lol.
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2021.12.06 23:13 chillbillytaylor Any way to turn the old respawn beeps from 1 and 2 on?

I miss the old one.
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2021.12.06 23:13 AJR1623 If any clutter in your house had the date you placed it there on it, how old would some of your clutter be?

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2021.12.06 23:13 ghm494 Anyone else notice the contrast between the beautiful Tuscany landscape and Waystar’s big black disgusting SUV’s.

Like leeches on a Van Gogh. Amazing visual analogy for the poison that is the Roy’s obscene wealth.
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2021.12.06 23:13 Jasminella_217 Funny Dogs & Cats in Christmas 🎄

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2021.12.06 23:13 Div9Sanguine Self inflicted taser flop

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2021.12.06 23:13 PieRat343 Should I get Yone, Akali or vlad next as a Jax main?

Hey guys I recently got LoL (2 weeks ago) and have been playing jax religiously in top lane and I'm doing quite well. I love the defense and offense of his kit and the ability to completely nuke any low health champ that pushes to far. I wanted to get a small roster of characters under my belt to deal with match bad jax matchups and bans and thus I landed on these 3 champs. I picked Yone and akali not only because they look cool, but ive seen them hard carry matches in my games, and vlad because I got a random skin shard for him that I like (dark water). Which of these 3 characters (or any others) would be good for me to learn before I attempt ranked?
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2021.12.06 23:13 ModeRepresentative86 I really messed up and need help being a dad

My ex-wife and I were married for 4 yrs. we started trying right after our marriage. We both wanted kids. After 2 yrs I was diagnosed with infertility problems. I was told I wouldn’t be able to have biological kids. My ex wife found out she was pregnant and was over the moon. I took it as a sign of betrayal. I immediately moved out. My ex wife tried for about 6 months to convince me the children were mine. I knew there was no way it could be. I admit I was a jerk and called her all sorts of names and treated her poorly. When the twins boys were born. Our divorce was finalized. I refused to go to the hospital. My ex wife had an attorney send me papers to terminate my parental rights. Because we were married at the time of conception in our state I would have had to pay child support. So I signed them. That way I wouldn’t have to pay. That all happened 2 yrs ago. I ran into her today at the store. Both boys sitting in the shopping cart. When I saw the boys my heart stopped. They look exactly like me. My heart broke. There is no denying it. Since then I have been panicking. How do I fix this? How do I regain my parental rights? I feel horrible I have lost so much time with my kids. My ex wife just said a short hi and threw a case of juice boxes in the cart and walked off before I could say anything at all. I tried to call her but she just kept walking away.
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2021.12.06 23:13 throwaway1010202020 Do I take the new job?

I'm a red seal automotive mechanic. I currently make 55k a year at a small independent shop. I was offered a job at a dealership where I am guaranteed the same amount of money per year with the ability to make up to $30k a year more based on efficiency. I currently live 15 minutes from work, the new job is a 45 min commute. New job offers benefits 50% paid for by company, work Boot allowance and RRSP matching. Current job I get a lot of free perks that come with working in a shop mainly using the shop whenever I want. The thing that is killing me is the commute, I would be spending about $300 a month extra on fuel and I just hate driving in traffic. Opinions, thoughts? I'm just curious what people think. If you need more info let me know. Thanks.
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2021.12.06 23:13 ArgonianGamer216 Which game should I play/replay?

So I'm in the mood to replay one of these games but I'm not sure if I should go for one I know I love or actually try to finish one if the others. I've finished White, Black 2, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and Y. Absolutely love ORAS, the originals were my favorite pokemon game as a kid. Y was alright but I love the customization and also greninja but that's about it. I don't really remember white or black 2 but I know I've finished them. I never play any of the others long enough to finish them, I've probably play Soul Silver the least. Love the pokemon following you thing, Not a big fan of the starters though.
View Poll
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2021.12.06 23:13 MTGblacksteve [A22] Inquisitior Captain

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2021.12.06 23:13 IronWolve Chillin’ with That One Kid from Kenosha | Guests: Kyle Rittenhouse & Sara Gonzales | 12/6/21

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2021.12.06 23:13 New_Practice8994 so….

remember that post i made a year ago? no? well, i still entirely agree with it. i love the floofy boi. i would kiss him. -w-
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2021.12.06 23:13 pitomagazela what celeb did you like that ended up being trash?

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2021.12.06 23:13 griIgirII Oatmeal for my 4 month old

Hi, I’m a FTM with a 4 month old son. Today he had his 4 month check up, and his 2nd round of vaccines. I asked his pediatrician today if we can start introducing foods soon, and he said we could start today, and that he suggests oatmeal over rice cereal due to arsenic, which confused me, but we got oatmeal just to be safe I guess. Anyways, He said he would probably only eat a few bites but my son loved it and ate pretty much everything I offered him. Packaging on the box said a tablespoon mixed with formula or breast milk. We did about an oz formula with it and he ate the whole thing, messily of course. We tried to follow up with a bottle and he didn’t really like that, refusing it and then he fell asleep. Should I be concerned that he didn’t eat much of the bottle? I offered him about 1/4 cup of the oatmeal/formula mixture. Could he be full just from that? Is there a chance he is still hungry but he’s a little pissed off from his sore legs from his vaccine? He usually eats about 5 oz of formula every 3-4 hours, and his last feeding before offering oatmeal was about 3 hours prior.
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2021.12.06 23:13 Lollycbazanelli A Jazzb depois de assistir Shrek

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