my current top 5 ye songs.

2022.01.19 04:42 dandingledart my current top 5 ye songs.

  1. Ghost Town
  2. Jesus Lord
  3. Freeeeeee
  4. Jail
  5. Ultralight Beam
I like my Kanye spiritual and dramatic, what can I say?
Honorable mentions: Famous, Runaway, School Spirit, Heard em’ Say, 30 Hours, Violent Crimes.
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2022.01.19 04:42 not_fresh where is my wallpaper image? 12.5.1

hello. so that stupid wallpaper carousel changed my lock screen wallpaper to some random mountain(thanks) but my normal wallpaper is still my original image (which i do not have anymore) Were can i find it so i can use it for lock screen? thanks
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2022.01.19 04:42 AndrewTRM Jurassic Ed (Art by jajuruns90rebels)

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2022.01.19 04:42 PeanutLG7990 Which is the best card between all the Opal Durants?

There’s 3 of his card i don’t get it, but i don’t know which was is better
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2022.01.19 04:42 ComprehensiveFish472 VCE Organic Chemistry

Hey i was just wondering if anyone has some good notes/ practice test for organic chemistry? and where can i find practice tests. Thanks
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2022.01.19 04:42 methodwriter85 The 80s: A Pop Culture Special

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2022.01.19 04:42 EarthEmail Expanding national parks not enough to protect nature, say scientists

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2022.01.19 04:42 JWRrr 34,000cr profit per unit: FC Jasmine Dragon (XNV-W7H) Offloading 13,500 Bauxite units

System: KAHA'I
Market: Humphrey's Beacon
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2022.01.19 04:42 Maleficent_Canary0 How long does 1.5g last you?

Just figured out I did 1.5 g in a week over 5 sessions. Thought I had done more than that.
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2022.01.19 04:42 freddieleeman NEW @ - Is my email spoofable?

Three months ago, a friend and I created and asked you what you thought about it and if you had any suggestions (original post). The tool was well-received, and a lot of you gave us some excellent tips for future development.
Today we've added a new feature that allows you to see what would happen to a spoofed email from your domain (or any other domain). The message should be quarantined or rejected if the domain has a proper SPF, DKIM, and DMARC setup. This new feature eliminates the need for a third-party tool to test what would happen to a spoofed spam or phishing email.
I am also thrilled that was featured on and dozens of other (news) sites that generated over 76k unique visitors within just a few days. Overall the response is very positive, so we will invest more time making the tool as robust as possible.
Please let me know what you think, if you have any suggestions or if you experience any issues. We appreciate any feedback and hope you will share our work with people who could benefit from it.
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2022.01.19 04:42 lukluke22228 I think I would he now able to breath in that water..

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2022.01.19 04:42 Previous-Cancel-449 Which Eusebio is better?

View Poll
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2022.01.19 04:42 DreadingAll All I wish for in life is a JJK fighting game

Ive been following the manga for a few years now and absolutely love it. The instant that Black Flash was first shown off and explained, all I could think about was how great of a mechanic it could be in a fighting game. Just like how in Tekken you can pull off an Electric Wind God Fist with precise execution, Black Flash could be something done in the same way. Imagine it, you get someone in a corner combo and just hit the most perfect string on them. 1 black flash, 2 black flash, 3, 4, 5, and so on. It is quite literally you being in the “zone” and seeing that in tournament play would be absolutely crazy and hype to see. If we were to ever see a FG of JJK in the future, I really hope they take full advantage of its special rules to fighting. I also hope it would be a traditional 2.5D fighting game such as Street Fighter or DBFZ and not a mind numbingly boring arena fighter like the Naruto games (not that they are bad at all tho). It would also be perfect for an assist team fighter. What are your thoughts on this and what else could be an interesting aspect/mechanic of the game?
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2022.01.19 04:42 thatburritodood She still acts like a kitten haha

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2022.01.19 04:42 Thegod0202 My friends misjudge me

So I hv this friend who I've been friends for over 16 years . She always says she wants the best for me and ik she does . But sometimes I cant really help feeling she just pretends to know everything about me when doesn't and she always try to act as if shes superior than me . So i gave some good advice for one of my friends and she started off saying "omg no stop " as if everything that comes out if my mind us stupid .but to my luck the other friend said I actually gave good advice . I'd also like to add that I'm a very laid back person so I appear very childlike and I might do silly things sometimes but I hv a few friends who often misjudge me and act superior specially infront of the opposite gender. I've never said anything about it before but now I feel uneasy .I'd like to know if I'm just overthinking or not ?
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2022.01.19 04:42 whodis707 I followed the brief and I'm glad it's podiuming.

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2022.01.19 04:42 Faptain_American Kamille (NWA)

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2022.01.19 04:42 eyes_trees Best place to buy bio seeds?

I’m dreaming of spring already and looking for a place in or near Geneva to buy organic/bio, indigenous seeds. Any suggestions?
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2022.01.19 04:42 doroux The perfect cosy bed nook.

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2022.01.19 04:42 Archaeon Can we please stop pretending this subreddit is one single person who can't make up their mind?

I'm sure you know the type of responses I'm talking about, the "Everybody complained when.....but now...."
You see a similar response on almost any thread that has a critical ascpect to it, if you have to invent this one person who changes their opinion instantly as they get what should be "Their way" in order to make a point, maybe you just don't really have a point to make.
The subreddit makes up just shy of 2 million individuals, and while i understand that sometimes it can be useful to refer to the "Community" and one singular object, when it comes to inividuals expressing their thoughts, that thinking becomes a hinderence instead, in that pool of of 1.8m people you will find many different and contrary opinions, this shouldn't be a surprise, however we seem to have a love of pretending it is.
If people are happy with something they are probably playing and enjoying it, and if you aren't you're more likely to express your dislike of something, maybe in hopes of talking to likeminded people in order to understand your own opinion further, maybe in hopes of speaking to people who disagree in order to contextualise your own opinion or even change it, maybe for cartharsis where you just need to rant (This post)
Sorry for the salty rant but my goodness this one non-argument lingers like a fart in a spacesuit and doesn't become more clever the more it's repeated, it feels like a participation award for a discussion just to say you said something without actually saying anything, the politician special.
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2022.01.19 04:42 Personal-Suit5517 Which enclosure for CR6-SE?

CR6-SE owner here. It's been printing fine for a few months now, and I'm starting to seriously consider an enclosure and filter. But I can't find any that seem suitable - any recommendations on self-build or ready made kit?
Would really appreciate any advice!
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2022.01.19 04:42 Isaidneek No possibility of amends

My Dad died in February. Hadn’t talked to him for almost a year prior, a lot to do with my alcoholism and some to do with that was his choice. I had a daughter before he died. He refused to talk to me to even zoom meet her (we live in different states). I’m sad I couldn’t make amends, but the only amend he would accept was a 1 year chip, but I’m angry too. What kind of a dad won’t even meet his own granddaughter?
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2022.01.19 04:42 KonpeitoKiss 鮫/鏡音リン

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2022.01.19 04:42 antdude Some Roku smart TVs are now showing banner ads over live TV

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2022.01.19 04:42 DankLahey69 The Service by Henry David Thoreau

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