5/6 Gateways on Silvia were floating. The other one spawned in a mountain which makes it not floating. This normal?

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2022.01.19 04:42 WelderLatter 5/6 Gateways on Silvia were floating. The other one spawned in a mountain which makes it not floating. This normal?

5/6 Gateways on Silvia were floating. The other one spawned in a mountain which makes it not floating. This normal? submitted by WelderLatter to Astroneer [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 04:42 izumi3682 Visualizing the Power of the World’s Supercomputers

Visualizing the Power of the World’s Supercomputers submitted by izumi3682 to Futurology [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 04:42 Swordkiller0134 ah a new customer

ah a new customer submitted by Swordkiller0134 to 7daystodie [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 04:42 CommanderKobe How do i support my girlfriend with bpd?

I started dating my loving girlfriend last September, and things have been going well. She told me she has Borderline Personality Disorder, and i know it's difficult for her to trust people, and she had a difficult past.
What can i do to support her? To make her feel comfortable around me, and to be the man she deserves?
Thanks in advance!
(I will be at work when this goes up, so i won't respond immediately, but i will respond when i get back)
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2022.01.19 04:42 rusla132 [PS4]H:Aristocrats explosive 15vcf lever W:Caps offers

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2022.01.19 04:42 Burgundy_and_Pearl “If we could all just calm down for a second” said the tomato

“If we could all just calm down for a second” said the tomato submitted by Burgundy_and_Pearl to Actionfigurephotos [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 04:42 TheBigBoy101 Best ROH Matches on YouTube?

What are the some of the best classic ROH matches that are free and available on the official ROH YouTube?
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2022.01.19 04:42 DaPro6 Any tip for tuning a rally car? specifically the sunburst and the lancer evo 9, anything is appreciated

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2022.01.19 04:42 Healthy_Welcome_1823 [M4F] slice of life roleplay

I have lots of roleplay idéas so here I am, searching~ My preferences when it comes to roleplay: ◆Storylines. I want a story..- Some smut spicy theme here and there, yep! ◆I love roleplaying more than one character. It's something optional, though.I love using multiple characters, making descriptions and all that jazz. Regarding visual references, I prefer real face claim because I'm kinda visual person ◆I enjoy a bit of all in a roleplay; action.. Romance, comedy, drama! I admire mixing..Romance is must though ◆I roleplay in third person, paragraph style. I adjust my writing to what my rp partner prefers,and No one liners~ ◆I prefer my partner to be 18+ and Discord as my preferred platform for RP~ ■Some ideas and plots~ 1)slice of life - There's a boy and girl spent their whole lives with different groups of people. The boy spends his whole time with his friends from his football team. The girl hangs out in the nerd group where she felt she has always belonged. During a summer festival that happens in a nearby city, the girl and boy run into each other. The two connect and spend some time together, not knowing that they even go to the same school. Until it becomes really obvious that they share a class together.We can continue to add more to this plot, making it more dramatic
2)Husband/Wife(arranged marriage): What will happen when two strong-willed individuvals are placed under the same roof ‘till death do us part’?
3)All fun in games - Muse A has a habit in making bets with his friends to see who can make girls fall in love with them. It is a game that would be just for fun in their perspective, yet heartbreaking for the other party. One night while on an outing with his group of friends, they pointed out a lonesome girl sitting by himself by the bar’s counter. By drawing the shortest straw in the straws game, he has to be the one to make the girl,fall in love with him.
4)Muse A is young and naïve.Muse B, and older and cooler type. Muse B is attracted to Muse A on a physical level, but once Muse A’s age reveals itself, Muse B lays down the harsh truth that he is not interested in anything beyond a one night stand and he is definitely not what Muse A needs, and vice versa. Reluctant, to let the opportunity to be with Muse B slip away, Muse A convinces Muse B to take them home.Lust clouds Muse B’s judgment and he and Muse A spend the night.
5)Everything is going well for her until a new resident moves into the neighborhood. To say that he is a terrible neighbor is an understatement. He throws wild parties nearly every week. His behavior has started a rivalry . But as a problem emerges they are forced to work together and become temporary allies.
6) Bad boy good girl slice of life modern
I have some other ideas and plot too ,dm me if you're interested to rp and feel free to share your own idea too
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2022.01.19 04:42 Beautiful-Client960 I need coming out advice

I really want to come out (as gender fluid) to my parents because it would mean a lot to me. I think they would be supportive but I don’t think they would understand it at all. Does anyone have any good ideas on how to explain being gender fluid to them? Ive come out to people before and they have asked how can I feel like a girl and a boy. Ive tried explaining but they just don’t seem to understand. Any ideas on how to explain better? Or on how to come out in general? Thank you!!
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2022.01.19 04:42 andre_friend References vs gsl::not_null

I have discussion with my team leader, he said that using gsl::not_null is better than references but I don't understand why. He send my the article https://herbsutter.com/2020/02/23/references-simply/ and I still don't understand why gsl::not_null is better then references. He said need change code

class B; class C; class A { public: A(C & c); const B & getB() const; private: C & m_C }; 
class B; class C; class A { public: A(gsl::not_null c); gsl::not_null getB() const; private: gsl::not_null m_C }; 
Can you explain why ?
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2022.01.19 04:42 jnolmiw DAP/portable DAC for Campfire Andromeda.

I will be getting the Campfire Andromedas in about a month and heard that they were quite source picky.
I recently shifted my music listening platform over to Apple Music from Tidal and use an iPhone with the lightning to 3.5mm jack dongle.
Apparently there is nothing wrong with my current set-up, but I also heard that to get the most out of the Andromedas I would need to get a dedicated DAP or maybe a DAC. Some devices that I am currently considering include the Chord Mojo, Fiio M11 Plus, Lotoo Paw S1 and the Sony ZX300.
I would like to hear from Andromeda owners who also use Apple Music and get some recommendations for a listening source, my budget is around USD800 and would prefer a DAP. My music preferences are mostly indie rock, Korean r&b and Kpop.
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2022.01.19 04:42 SovietRussia91 What are the cushions made of

Just want to know for the sake of knowing and have looked a bit
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2022.01.19 04:42 anxious-overthinker Spotting before period and pcos

Age 23 Well I was overweight and got diagnosed with pcos on 2018 .. doctor put me on contraceptives for 6 months on 2016 when I used to have very bad cramps on the 1st day.. With those pills my spotting started.. Pcos has made it worse.. Right now I get atleast 4 5 days of spotting to atmost of 12 15 days before period every month.. and severe abdominal cramp also lower back pain...
The most weird thing is I have to manually remove the spotting blood or the old blood(don't know what it is) from my vagina by pulling ( gross I know).. then after 1 or 2 days i get my normal period Spotting color dark maroon or brown I really don't know what it is.. please help if anyone faces this or know what this is
submitted by anxious-overthinker to menstruation [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 04:42 evevevie I feel disgusting (TW for sh ideation/mentions)

tw: mentions of s/h and wanting to mutilate myself
I don't know what to do with myself anymore. It's getting to the point where my dysphoria has made me never want to leave my room, I hate clothes, I hate looking at myself knowing all anyone will ever see me as is an ugly woman. I'm not a woman, I'm not a man either, yet no one ever believes me or can accept that anything to do with either binary makes me spin out of control. I want to hurt myself because of everyone's perception of me, I want to rip out parts of me that ""define"" the social norms of being a girl. I told my boyfriend I wanted to rip out every part of me so no one would be able to tell what I am and he told me not to. I don't understand. I just want to be happy, I feel disgusting. Will it ever get better? Or am I doomed to live like this forever? Why can't I just be proud? I'm a failure of a trans person and I know it because all I do is see myself as disgusting.
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2022.01.19 04:42 ArtisticYellow9319 Am I able to drop my 6 credit elective and add two 3 credit courses in its place?

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2022.01.19 04:42 black_swan_song W̯͌͜h̫ͮͨy̸̎ͤ d͎̪͜o̸͈͠ ï̖͘ n̲͎̕e̪͐̕e̶͗͘d̰́͠ h̶̬́ë̖͖ľ̬̙p̘͆͠ w̋͞i̷̋̅t͂ͨ̏h̘͆̈ m̖͛͘a̘ͭ̕g͛́͘í̡̠c̪ͥ͋k̳͛͡ a͉͝n̡̩̑dͪ͆ͫ m̶̹͢a̷̾ͮn̶͚̘í͕͒f̲̈́e̼̅͝s̶̵̏t̷ͥ͡a̞̬̗t̳͈ͯi̼̫̟o̧̤͆ń̴ͪ?

W̯͌͜h̫ͮͨy̸̎ͤ d͎̪͜o̸͈͠ ï̖͘ n̲͎̕e̪͐̕e̶͗͘d̰́͠ h̶̬́ë̖͖ľ̬̙p̘͆͠ w̋͞i̷̋̅t͂ͨ̏h̘͆̈ m̖͛͘a̘ͭ̕g͛́͘í̡̠c̪ͥ͋k̳͛͡ a͉͝n̡̩̑dͪ͆ͫ m̶̹͢a̷̾ͮn̶͚̘í͕͒f̲̈́e̼̅͝s̶̵̏t̷ͥ͡a̞̬̗t̳͈ͯi̼̫̟o̧̤͆ń̴ͪ? submitted by black_swan_song to subreddit_simulacrum [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 04:42 MelosMerge The new bardock is underwhelming

I have the new bardock at 6 stars, and I was playing in top 1k pvp, and I also saw some show cases of him, and man is he underwhelming. First of all, his stats are shit. They are terrible. But he also has a lot of flaws in his kit, like the fact you need you be hit to get card draw speed, and that you need to have a ally die to get endurance. Also it’s hard for him to stay in the match compared to kid buu, because he can’t get vanishing gauge back from his green until someone dies. His damage flat out isn’t that good, and he just has so many problems. This is definitely a character to skip…
submitted by MelosMerge to DragonballLegends [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 04:42 FightingBrothas Here's a snippet into my life

Tldr; I (19M) got into a fight with my brother (24M), got my brand new phone broken, and lost my job due to covid in the span of 2 weeks.
Well to start of here's a backstory. When we grew up my dad was extremely abusive, especially towards me and my brother. I was always kind of "slow" when growing up, and that unfortunately didn't match well with my dad due to him being impatient and having anger issues. Fortunately right now my parents are divorced, and I (kind of) am in no contact with my dad. Naturally the events leading up to this had lasting effects on my mental health. That's when I started seeking a professional to deal with my issues. I also started living in a group, because I wasn't able to live at home anymore.
My brother on the other hand doesn't want any help, he started shutting himself at his apartment and doing nothing all day. He doesn't work, doesn't go to school, and honestly just doesn't take care of his health at all. He thinks he's a failure and usually blames others for this, and honestly I lost all respect for him.
While visiting my mom, me and my brother got into a small argument, I told him that I wasn't able to respect him, my brother didn't like that and well started lashing out on me. The mature thing to do in this situation is to walk away, I didn't, and boy did things escalate. Usually I don't fight back but this time however he broke my brand new phone, so that made me extremely furious. If it wasn't for my mom and little brother breaking us apart, things would've probably ended with more than a broken phone.
After what happened I decided to just go back home. Naturally I felt like shit the days after and wasn't really able to concentrate well at work. A week later our country got into a lockdown, and basically all non essential businesses had to close. Combined with the fact I wasn't doing well at work, and the store being closed, my manager decided not to extend my contract, so I lost my job. Now I have to deal with how to pay my bills, get my phone repaired, and me being an emotional wreck. Fun stuff!
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2022.01.19 04:42 Rajesh_dai007 I am proud of this Reddit community !!

I am proud of this Reddit community !! submitted by Rajesh_dai007 to IndianDankMemes [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 04:42 Previous-Dentist-302 🌈Keyboard: Dierya dk61e mechanical keyboard DIERYA DK61E $39.99 (Original Price: $49.99) Mouse:Dierya falcon honeycomb mouse $29.99(Original Price:$36.99)

🌈Keyboard: Dierya dk61e mechanical keyboard DIERYA DK61E $39.99 (Original Price: $49.99) Mouse:Dierya falcon honeycomb mouse $29.99(Original Price:$36.99) submitted by Previous-Dentist-302 to Dierya_direct [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 04:42 Sumshins Made a cover of the song “Flower Garden” from Yoshi’s Island would love if someone could have a listen!

Made a cover of the song “Flower Garden” from Yoshi’s Island would love if someone could have a listen! submitted by Sumshins to YosHi [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 04:42 watermelonwatermelo- holy fucking shit that got dark

translation: she does not want to suffer.
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2022.01.19 04:42 serendipitymarch Bupropion and CBD 🦔

I was trying to sum up the information I found about using CBD oil while on Bupropion. And I still find it very confusing.
If you use/used this combo, can you say that you would rather recommend it?
Thanks 🙏🏻
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2022.01.19 04:42 niujiaolaoganba unlock borrow limit for subaccount

currently subaccount can borrow only 1/10 of main account. binance should unlock the limit, since they limit new account for KYC.
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