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2022.01.19 03:51 Artistic-Disaster-66 I[A]-DIG[DID]-ASS[AS]

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2022.01.19 03:51 Dry-Alternative-7152 Wcgw banging on a window

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2022.01.19 03:51 bloodbaptism666 comment which radiohead song they're talking about

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2022.01.19 03:51 Captaindrake12346 Naofumi's Strengthening Method

Quick question since I haven't gone into the shield hero series in a while, but what was Naofumi's strengthening method exactly?
I know the three other heroes had specific strengthening methods, but I can't remember what was Naofumi's. He can absorb stuff into his shield (random bits and odds and ends) and get their bonuses by mastering them, but I think the other weapons could already do that too.
Did he just not have one?
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2022.01.19 03:51 ReScUeNiNjA2021 Sinclair house

Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but the Sinclair house is not on the map. As far as I know, this might be the only, or at least one of the only, building in RDR2 present that is not on the map.
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2022.01.19 03:51 kthejoker LPT: Never date an active volcano

They're just a hot mess.
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2022.01.19 03:51 Pakochan2707 [Pc][2012-2015]Looking for a 2d survival videogame

Good evening my dear, sorry to bother again, I come to enlighten me, I remembered a pc game (I do not know if it is steam) that was a 2d survival game where you are a girl and the only map there is a house and you had to survive the night where zombies came, you could block the door with wood, leave traps, throw a molotov and gun I think it was shotgun that you could grab.
A reference photo of the style could be this game:
Again I reiterate, the photo is for reference.
Please help mehelp me
It is not Failed state
Another thing I remembered is that you could fill the thingy with gas and at the end explode it to kill zombies.
At the end the swat would arrive to rescue you.
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2022.01.19 03:51 Sweaty_Wrangler_4729 Exam Surveillance Solution to Keep Eyes on Examinees During Examination

Exam Surveillance solution is helping the Education Board in conducting fare examinations and preventing malpractices inside the Examination hall with AI and ML capabilities.
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2022.01.19 03:51 HTownRealtor First year in real estate, made 2.9 million with another 1.6 mill under contract(not considered a top producer by brokerage)

Title says it all. I did 2.9 mill which is just shy of 3 mill but also got 1.6 million under contract(either dirt builds getting built or closings this month)
Feel pissed but I know I shouldn’t. Feels slighted but I guess that’s how it goes, want to go somewhere that don’t tell me you almost were good this year tho.
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2022.01.19 03:51 throwaway_6177 [16] hey! Just looking for some friends :)

Don't let the throwaway account deter you, I just didn't want this attached to my usual account for parental reasons.
Now to get the sad sh!t outta the way, I've been having a pretty crappy week so far and could really use some positive energy or just someone to talk to, so dear God please message me
Now the not so depressing desperation message! HI I'm a normal(ish) teen artist, I play games, Im a big fan of music, and I'm a huge nerd (selectively). Um so yea! I'm also typically a pretty fast responder if you like that, and I'm pretty much down for whatever if you ever wanna play games or call or what have you, I'm super open so that's awesome, and yea! Hmu if you'd like!
And I'm not very picky but please say SOMETHING on your first message and not just "hi" cause that doesn't really make me wanna say hi back, yk? " sorry
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2022.01.19 03:51 Bitchwithhammer Vax passport holder 2023

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2022.01.19 03:51 uglyfrenchfry Did DOMD have a sexual relationship with housepett? I know they would comment some sus stuff on each other’s posts and housepett called him a manipulator person that he loved and knew..

Did DOMD have a sexual relationship with housepett? I know they would comment some sus stuff on each other’s posts and housepett called him a manipulator person that he loved and knew.. submitted by uglyfrenchfry to ReptilianClubBoyz [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 03:51 Ru83nf [WTB] Daniel Defense sights in black (TX)

Looking for a set of black front and rear sights looking to spend about $85 - $90.
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2022.01.19 03:51 Ok-Process-9687 [high school math] quadratic kind of formula

How do you figure out how to put a quadratic equation like x2+9x+81/4 into the form of (ax+b)2?
I would appreciate any help!
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2022.01.19 03:51 ItsFrank25 Not a nice day

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2022.01.19 03:51 TheFuntimer Flamingo event extra information

First off, all the skins so far are looking amazing! However everyone, remember you should only post 1 skin a post, if you post 4 in the same post people can't really vote for a single skin, keep this in mind. I'm looking forward to who will be the winner!
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2022.01.19 03:51 BlackSprings Hi new Naruto fans

I am posting info cards of every naruto character ever to help the new naruto fans who done get it.
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2022.01.19 03:51 Downtown-Chemical673 When does Ubisoft+ to Xbox?

I can't find anything on the internet about the date
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2022.01.19 03:51 CurrentSomewhere My keqing ult art

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2022.01.19 03:51 Johnnyiso Full Court Shot CEO

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2022.01.19 03:51 lixiaoqi3540 32/F, Seattle, repeating life to find more friendship

I am from China and I hope to make more friends!
Living in a strange country was difficult at first, but now that I'm used to it and plan to settle here, I hope to meet more people.
I love to travel and have been to several Asian countries and many American cities and would like to visit Europe in the future
If I sound like someone you would like to talk to, please message me I am only looking for someone older than me and I hope you have a great day wherever you are!
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2022.01.19 03:51 rackbottom 1000mg Vision

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2022.01.19 03:51 PanneKopp Main Consensus Forks of Bitcoin (November 2021 update)

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2022.01.19 03:51 itemluminouswadison My Grail Watch Is (NOT) A Platinum Patek Philippe That Looks Ace With Denim

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2022.01.19 03:51 Difficult-Aspect-915 I just feel like giving up on all my work and chores

It’s just too much. It’s too much to work out, go to a job, wash dishes, do laundry (I never fold it anymore) cook, wash dishes, clean…. I just feel so overwhelmed I can’t do it no more.
I know it’s “first world problems” but I’m even finding it hard to shower.. I still do daily but it’s so f ing difficult…
Any tips?
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