My thoughts on the new warlock pet.

Thoughts from a levle 28 Warrior: To get to the chest containing the quest item you have to enter the keep and go down one floor. The chest is in a lower floored area with two sets of stairs going down to it. There are a total of 6 dwarves down there, the highest being level 30 the rest being 26s, or similiar. Body Armor for Warlock DPS in Phase 1 Head Voidheart Crown is our best in slot because of the Meta slot. Chaotic Skyfire Diamond is an incredibly strong Meta Gem for Destruction Warlocks. You will aim for 4P T4 if you are Shadow and as Fire you can go for 2P T4 combined with the Spellfire Set. In an unusual move, Blizzard has added a new cinematic directly onto the patch 9.2 PTR which has wide-ranging implications for the conclusion of the Shadowlands story, and even throws new light on older lore. This cinematic is relatively lengthy at over four minutes, and it's packed with exposition. If you're so hungry for the continuation of Sylvanas's story you don't mind spoilers for a big ... [The largest Burning Crusade Classic site, featuring detailed guides, news, and information including class guides, profession guides, Best in Slot guides, a quest database, talent calculator, and more.] All pets deal equal damage now. There are three pet specializations: Ferocity (DPS), Tenacity (Tank), Cunning (PvP). Ferocity is best while raiding, and you can set any pet you want at any time, while out of combat, to your desired pet specialization by going to your own hunter specialization pane and selecting the Pet tab on the bottom. The changes to pet talents and abilities were gradual, and I’ve accepted them as they’ve been introduced, but now I’m going to be more critical of past changes as enough is enough already. With this latest change, which took away many of our pet’s defining abilities, they now have little more identity than a warlock’s summoned demon. I have read many Wlibur Smith novels over the years and as I love Egypt I thought I would give this series a try. Enjoyed River God, The Seventh Scroll was a disappointment because I expected the continuation of the story and instead got a mediocre modern day Romance /Thriller. Warlock promised to continue the ancient story so I persevered . Having your thoughts read is uncommon, and psychic damage is the least-used damage type in the game. ⚠️ Create Thrall Being paralyzed, stunned, or knocked unconscious makes one incapacitated, so the feature is a little tricky to use for a minor effect, but it’s pretty unique and has a lot of roleplay opportunities. There’s currently no better Warlock spec than Affliction, and although it’s pretty good on its own, it can get a whole lot better with some easy to use macros. This time, we’ll be going over the best simple Affliction Warlock macros that are 100% safe to use, easy to set up, and can really boost your damage output. As the title states, my opinion of 6.0's iteration of SMN is entirely negative after living with it for a month. Not only is the job's damage (or firepower as they like to say in JP) underwhelming, it often feels like there is absolutely nothing one can do to actually improve it. Additionally, with the help of a Japanese bug report, SMN's prog viability has been SIGNIFICANTLY reduced with the ...

2022.01.19 03:57 wowasg My thoughts on the new warlock pet.

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2022.01.19 03:57 AggravatingSyrup9 Hello boys and gals, I joined because I like tunneling, and while I haven't dug a hole for bo reason since I was six or seven years old I think I might like to again.

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2022.01.19 03:57 Abs_1998 Drip Team

Hey guys,
I am looking to start investing into DRIP, but before I start investing I would like to find a GOOD DRIP TEAM that actually sends Airdrops and a team who isn't selfish and treats everyone right. Please don't send your buddy address if you're trying to just use me for that 10% commission....
Looking to actually join a good team with good intentions. Let me know.
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2022.01.19 03:57 menny_parmar Rate this NFT 0 to 10 👇🏻👇🏻 I Bought in just 0.001 ETH

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2022.01.19 03:57 Hudenvar Questions

I’ve had played ostriv on and off for a year now ever since I watched a steamer play it. He butchered the play through but I loved banished and this was a perfect successor to that masterpiece. I still though run into issues that I cannot easily find answers too.
Dry fish, I usually empty my fishing shacks of workers in the off season. But it seems the drying of fish for some reason stops when workers are not present. Are they sitting there blowing on the fish to make them dry out and if not working they stop drying themselves. It’s kind of odd. Should I keep it staffed year round to keep the dry fish flowing? Obvious answer is yes if that’s the case. Also is having a full five workers better at a fishing shack instead of three? I mainly use dry fish as a export for cash. Most towns want dry fish.
Not a lot of questions but that one has been bugging me for a while now.
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2022.01.19 03:57 Tata_Jam My little study buddy 🤓

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2022.01.19 03:57 Megarebe What's and everyday item that is very suspicious in large amounts?

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2022.01.19 03:57 Adventurous_Home5604 Reddit başarımlarının nasıl kazancağıma dair türkçe yazılı metin var mı ?

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2022.01.19 03:57 TheFigHunter It’s Grafting season this on has very remarkable tasting figs grafted and two grafts of each kind.

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2022.01.19 03:57 PrissyDedricks Worried about all my top six being upgraded grades

I was going through a lot during my grade 12 year and pretty much flunked it, but I passed enough to graduate. Obviously, no university would have accepted me with my low grades. Long story short, I decided to go to a private school and retake all my 4U classes, I now have a 91, 93, 89, 90, 92, 92. I applied to York's Bcom, Nursing, and Business Technology Management, and also Ryerson's accounting and Nursing. Accounting is what I really want to do and preferably at york so I can commute. Do I have a good chance of getting accepted into any?
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2022.01.19 03:57 angiosperms- I finally got invited to have a say in the interview process - but only because the candidate is a woman

I am a woman, I work in tech. I am the only woman on my team, and oh so conveniently the lowest level person on my team. In the entire engineering department women are only in the 2 lowest levels (yes I went through everyone and checked), there are none in a position that are a high enough level to interview people and make hiring decisions. What a convenient coincidence!
Anyways, my manager keeps promising me a promotion. My level is obviously bullshit and everyone on the team acknowledges that including him. He was hired on after me, so I think he's still in the honeymoon phase pretending the promotion process will actually be fair lol. So anyways, under the guise of me "progressing in my career" I have been invited to interview someone after all this time. Silly me, I actually believed it.
But nope, saw the resume today and it's another woman. I was literally told verbatim "you don't have to prepare you just have to show up". I'm being brought out as a show pony to tout our """diversity and inclusion""". I am pissed.
Not sure how I'm going to handle this tomorrow. But beware of companies that heavily advertise diversity, it's most likely a facade.
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2022.01.19 03:57 Wesmtbot @FirstSquawk: ASML Q4 Earnings - Q4 Net Sales €4.99B (est €5.12B) - Q4 Gross Margin 54.2% (est 51.6%) - Sees Q1 Net Sales €3.3-3.5B (est €5.36B)
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2022.01.19 03:57 AlphaDawg00 Werid uncomfortable feeling on my left side of my chest when smoking

Does any one have any answers to this
as of last month everytime I smoke a cart and start to get high I get this uncomfortable feeling on the left side of my chest its not necessarily painful just uncomfortable, I even took a week break but I still get that feeling, it ruins my high. This just started happening literally last month. Idk if weed gives me the same feeling bc Its been a while since I smoked weed. Idk if the cart is bad I haven't tried smoking another cart bc im kinda worried ima get that sane feeling again
Thank you if anyone's answers
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2022.01.19 03:57 bobcat Officer Shot in Leg in Confrontation With Teen in the Bronx, Police Say

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2022.01.19 03:57 Embarrassed-Back-398 New to mycology and wanting to grow my own mushroom farm, what should I read? where should I start?

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2022.01.19 03:57 Fit_Conflict2211 Wreck-It Ralph concept

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2022.01.19 03:57 A_Memerrrrrrrr Bob, the store blocker, health 69420000 damage 69

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2022.01.19 03:57 bobcat A Possible Sex Offender Doesn’t Look Good on a Commemorative Tea Towel

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2022.01.19 03:57 juanmajeed 😂🤣

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2022.01.19 03:57 Kelteseth Looks like the plugin architecture for Qt MultiMedia is comming back with FFMPEG support!


This is required, so we can introduce FFMpeg as a technology preview, and have both backends available in one compiled version of Qt. The plugin archicture is much simpler than in Qt 5, using one plugin per backend, not multiple. Export a couple of classes and methods from Qt Multimedia that are required for the backends to work. Lars already moved most of the platform specific code into plugins.
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2022.01.19 03:57 confusedk1d Formula help -- combining responses in a Google form?

hi! i'm trying to synch a google form to a google sheet in order to create a rating system (from 0-100). i want to know how i can combine multiple responses since multiple people will be submitting opinions of the same thing.

for example, if i were to take a song and have it be rated on a scale of 1-10 and people were to rate it multiple different numbers, is there a way to display it so there is the song name in one column and its average rating in another?

instead of
song A -- 3/10
song A -- 5/10
song A -- 10/10
song B -- 1/10
song B -- 2/10

it would be
song A -- 43/100
song B -- 15/100

thank you so much for reading!
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2022.01.19 03:57 threenuns Buy back at $95 they say

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2022.01.19 03:57 AscAlon3 Erdogan Warns Russia Against Invading Ukraine. Turks, what position do you support to take on against Russia-Ukraine issue?

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2022.01.19 03:57 ExtremeHolo101 Which one would you pick jack?

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