Inflation soars to its highest rate in THREE DECADES

MEXICO CITY: Mexico’s central bank on Thursday raised its benchmark interest rate for the fifth consecutive time in a continuing attempt to rein in spiralling inflation.. Twelve-month inflation hit 7.37 per cent in November, its highest level in 20 years due to the increase in the prices of agricultural and energy products. Turkey's annual inflation rate surged to 36.1 per cent last month, its highest in the 19 years Tayyip Erdogan has ruled, laying bare the depths of a currency crisis engineered by the president's ... The Nasdaq Composite got thrown back on Thursday, and is down 1.4% as of 1:30 p.m. ET Meanwhile, one of its biggest components, semiconductor star Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA), is faring nearly three ... After decades of selling most items for $1, the chain is raising its average price tag to $1.25. A survey by the National Federation of Independent Businesses found 57% of firms are raising prices ... The consumer price index surged 6.2% from a year ago in October, the most since December 1990. Core inflation, stripping out food and energy, increased 4.6%, the fastest gain since August 1991. A rare snowy owl looks out from its perch atop the large marble orb supported by four eagles of the Christopher Columbus Memorial Fountain at the entrance to Union Station in Washington, Saturday ... U.S. consumer prices increased solidly in December as rental accommodation and used cars maintained their strong gains, culminating in the largest annual rise in inflation in nearly four decades ... ISTANBUL, Jan 3 (Reuters) – Turkey’s annual inflation rate surged to 36.1% last month, its highest in the 19 years that Tayyip Erdogan has ruled, laying bare the depths of a currency crisis engineered by the president’s unorthodox interest rate-cutting policies. In December alone, consumer prices took a rare step into double-digits, rising 13.58%, Turkish Statistical Institute … The stock market decline during the financial crisis drove the ratio down to 182-to-1 in 2009. It recovered to 221-to-1 by 2014 and, after dipping a bit over the next three years, ended back up at 221-to-1 in 2018. This level is far lower than its peak in 2000 but still far greater than the 1989 ratio of 45-to-1 or the 1965 ratio of 16-to-1. Turkish inflation has reached its highest level since Recep Tayyip Erdogan came to power almost two decades ago as the president’s contentious economic management sparks a surge in prices.

2022.01.19 05:13 newsfeedmedia1 Inflation soars to its highest rate in THREE DECADES

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2022.01.19 05:13 metalconfection [Shawn Michaels] Man....if what I'm hearing is real.... Poor Jericho.

they should have never made him Doink
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2022.01.19 05:13 CuriousSocialist Jogging in the dark

I live in fairly safe city where you can walk around without being in danger for last couple years now. I jogged later in day after dinner because of work schedule and less people crowding the sidewalks and for the first time in my life, I was actually terrified after my run a couple of days ago. I am fairly tall(around 5'11) and not itty bitty person and weigh a healthy 180 so not exactly easy to attack and drag around and for the longest time, most of the people especially in a self defense class I took have told me, it would work in my advantage. And I let it get to my head and sort of relaxed about. I do carry a wrist strap pepper spray and a switchblade but it didn't deter him even though he could see me holding the pepper spray. This guy followed me for a little more than a mile till I got to a gas station and popped in. He chilled in the parking lot the whole time I was in the gas station sort of like he was waiting for me to come back out. I ended up calling my brothers to pick me up. The whole experience chilled me to my core. Not only did I have two things to defend myself, the fact that he followed me anyway after he saw those two self defense items terrified me. I don't think I have ever been more angry and confounded in my entire life. I have grown up and been to some extremely sketchy but this...this was one of those bone chilling moments.
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2022.01.19 05:13 Lucky-Ad1413 Rage From this Game And Die From This Game nway inc sucks humanity made a monstrosity

I cannot stand legacy wars connection problem and it makes me scream at the top of my lungs it is the connection problem that might make me break my phone or worse even make me kill myself nway inc should have never partnered with saban brands and they never care about our suffering this game is just a scam the company made a monstrosity
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2022.01.19 05:13 Duhkota_MemeLord My Twitch

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2022.01.19 05:13 snowballsherbet Is there a formula that I could apply in column N where the highest priority is column J, and column M is the least? It'll be easier to understand with the table below

The main objective is that J and K are always priorities to reflect on column N. The rest are the least of importance.

10 10 10 10 10
20 20 20 30 20
40 40 50 50 40
60 70 70 70 60
80 80
90 90
100 100
110 110
120 130 120
140 150 150 140
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2022.01.19 05:13 fouadk001 These LEGENDARY Women Vikings Were More Famous Than Men

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2022.01.19 05:13 iamcalifw 💥 METADAO Just stealth launched 1 minutes | No Airdrop | Metaland DAO-based team and rapidly growing community |KYC In Progress | CG/CMC incoming | Early Low Cap just launched, the Next x1000 GEM 💎

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This is safe. Liquidity is locked and ownership is renounced. No way of a rug pull! Dev seems transparent and trustworthy.
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2022.01.19 05:13 g2cta LF HA Dratini FT Rough Skin Gible

Looking for Multiscale Dratini. Have Rough Skin 5IV Gible. Also have Pearl Exclusives. Please let me know what you need.
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2022.01.19 05:13 bolczan Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest is allowed to skip quarantine in notoriously strict Western Australia

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2022.01.19 05:13 newsfeedmedia1 Machine Gun Kelly says ring he gave Megan Fox is ‘thorns’ so ‘if she tries to take it off it hurts’

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2022.01.19 05:13 Natural-Animator-279 H: AAe90w Fixer / TsE50break Fixer / TsE Lever / TsEVatscrit lever / AAe LMG / JunkieExplosive50break 50cal / MutantExplosive250 50cal W: Gp/pepper

AAe90w Fixer / TsE50break Fixer / TsE Lever / TsEVatscrit lever / AAe LMG / JunkieExplosive50break 50cal / MutantExplosive250 50cal
W: VampE gp/pepper or Vamp25fr gp/pepper
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2022.01.19 05:13 alecexo I’m trying to see my boyfriend and my dad is making things harder for me.

This is just a big vent. I’m to see my boyfriend next week for the first time in a longggg time because we are long distance. But not without a fight. I’m 19 and my dad would not let me go see my boyfriend in his state. Fine, I understand the concern. So we planned for him to visit me. Even though he has his own apartment which would save us the hundreds/ almost $1000 I’m having to spend so that he can come here. (We went half on tickets and stuff since we both work + have to pay certain bills and between my half + the money I need to get ready it adds up.)
My boyfriend and I had to them find him a hotel, however he is 20, not 21 so the only one I found that we can afford is and extra 30 mins away. & my dad cannot check us in because he doesn’t have id. (Not saying he’s obligated to at all, just noting that’s not an option) Which is yet another inconvenience. But again, we move.
Now I give my dad money to hold for me in savings . Fine whatever, I got him to agree to let me take $500 out (yes I had to beg to use my own money. Even though this is clearly an important situation & I don’t take money out of my savings often at all)
but… he said give him 4 days to let him earn the money back at work (day trader). So he can put it back in my account. Now I’m grateful for that, but I don’t have the time to wait for him. It’s now 4 days later and I talked to him this morning to get my money to make my hair, nails, wax appointment etc. you know the girly things you do to look presentable. He basically tells me it hasn’t been 4 BUSINESS days and he needs more time. Like wtf…. Then tries to make me feel dumb by saying “well Monday was a holiday, you should’ve considered that I can’t make money on a holiday so it doesn’t actually count as a day and I need more time. EVEN AFTER I EXPLAINED TO HIM I HAVENT BEEN ABLE TO MAKE MY APPOINTMENTS.
Respectfully I do not care! It’s not that he doesn’t have the money (he literally told me he has the money to give to me but HE doesn’t want to give me my money unless he can make it back which I don’t understand why he can’t just wait until after the trip. )
But long story short…. I only have about 3 days in between me going to work to prepare and I’ve gotten NONE of my appointments scheduled because I have to wait on him and it’s freaking me out.
I hate running down to the last minute and making people wait and this entire trip has been nothing but inconvenience after inconvenience for my boyfriend already. I don’t know what to do. I don’t wanna see him and not be prepared but my dad literally will not give me my money. And most places do not make appointments 2-3 days before the day you want to come in. I might end up having to spend even more money to get squeeze ins or find different stylists all together at short notice and it’s messing with me.
I know this all sounds dumb asf but it’s so frustrating when you have to wait on someone for every single thing or get their permission for every single thing even though you’re an adult and on top of that they are wasting your time! And guess what. If this actually does mean I have to spend more, he will tell me it’s my fault I’m spending so much.
I’m sorry I had to vent because I can’t sleep I’m crying so hard. I haven’t seen my bf in 2 years due to the pandemic and we’ve tried 2 other times to see each other and it just feels like obstacle over obstacle keeps us apart. I just wanna hold my best friend for real. That’s it. I wanna look my best for him & it’s like I can’t even do that at this point. This is not to attack him either. I know he means well but in this case he is doing more harm than good.
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2022.01.19 05:13 guitarino What's the most poetic way of saying, "I just took a really good shit"?

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2022.01.19 05:13 telex_bot Matolcsy Ádám barátjáé lett a Várkert Bazár bisztrója

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2022.01.19 05:13 tarotdepot A Covid fever dream in which I snack on the good book.

I was working at CVS and I was at the front register when I opened up an old bible with thin pages and took a big bite out of the corner of some pages. This trucker dude sees me and confronts me and the other employee about it. I told him I was really hungry and I didn’t eat any of the important parts, just some of the table of contents and he made me show him.
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2022.01.19 05:13 boladoh524 Too soon

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2022.01.19 05:13 DeadRev0lt What Tier For 6-4, Turnabout Storyteller?

I may be late. From one day or two. Just a bit...
View Poll
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2022.01.19 05:13 newsfeedmedia1 Charisma Carpenter calls Joss Whedon a ‘tyrannical narcissistic boss’

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2022.01.19 05:13 patrickgian Day 141 of Creative Custom Profiles

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2022.01.19 05:12 imisschristo My DS4 windows not working

When I try to use my ps5 controller on warzone with special inputs such as switching my L3 with Circle, it doesn't change in warzone but on DS4 windows it's changed. I've uninstalled DS4 windows and installed it multiple times because it would work in the past but now I have no idea what to do. I also have all the drivers and they are up to date.
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2022.01.19 05:12 SunlitFable 19 Jan Treasures @ Forest: Social Space (By steps to return shrine, by Blushing Prospector spirit tomb) ☆ First Gate area (Right-hand side) ☆ Forest's Brook (At the Message Spot gazebo) ☆ Sunny Forest (Beside the pond)

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